200+ Show Names For Your Horse (Picked By An Equestrian)

Choosing a Show Name For Your Horse

In the horse industry, many horses usually have two names! A horse’s barn name is what they are referred to as around the stable, while a horse’s show name is what they are referred to at competitions. Show names tend to be more elegant or long, often based on the horse’s pedigree or breed registration.

How do you choose a show name for your horse? There are different ways to come up with a show name for your horse; they are as follows:

  • If your horse is registered with a breed association, look at their given name on the registration papers. Oftentimes, the official registered name is given to reflect the horse’s pedigree. 
  • Come up with a show name on your own by taking into account your horse’s features and breeding. You can also include words that communicate a certain ambiance you want people to feel around your horse.


It can take mixing, matching, and mulling before you are able to find the perfect show name for your horse. In this article, I’ll share over 200+ ideas you can use to come up with a great show name for your horse! 

Horse Show Names By Breed

As I mentioned above, if your horse is registered with a breed association, you can always use the horse’s registered name as their show name. Since registered names often reflect pedigrees, using this name can let judges and competitors know if your horse has a stellar lineage. However, there are many non-registered horses out there; if your horse falls into this category, you’ll have to come up with a show name on your own!

Horse Show Names For Thoroughbreds

Thoroughbreds within North America will be registered with the Jockey Club, whether they have raced or not. If a thoroughbred has raced, they will have a tattoo on their upper lip indicating their registration. These horses are known for their speed and athleticism and excel in many other disciplines outside of racing. Here are some show name ideas for thoroughbreds:

American Express

Bend It Like Beckham 

Double Quick


Hurry Up

Jack Robinson

Lickety Split

Look Lively

Make It Snappy

Pick Up The Pace


Step On It

Time Is Of The Essence

Time Waits For No One

Top of the Morning 


Horse Show Names For Quarter Horses

Much like thoroughbreds, quarter horses are a versatile breed and one of the most popular breeds in America. It is said that a quarter horse could outrun a thoroughbred over a short distance! You will see quarter horses competing in both English and Western competitions. These horses also have varying body types depending on their pedigree, from short and stocky to tall and lanky. Quarter Horses will be registered with the American Quarter Horse Association. Here are some show name ideas for quarter horses:

Always On Time

Bite the Bullet

Bold Ranger

Cadillac Track

Catch ‘Em Quick

Curious George

Definitely Maybe

Double Dutch

Lasso the Moon

Lucky Number Seven

Over the Moon

Piggy Bank

Washington’s Luck

Won the West

Horse Show Names for Appaloosas

Appaloosas are known for their loud coats, ranging from leopard spots and blankets to snowflake patterns and even no pattern at all. These horses are also known for their athleticism, often competing in disciplines that require finesse or endurance. The Appaloosa horse breed is said to have descended from the horses of the Nez Perce Native American Tribe. Many appaloosas will be registered with the American Appaloosa Association or The Appaloosa Horse Club. Here are some name ideas for these colorful horses:

Apollo’s Tune

Atomic Turntable

(Horse’s Name)’s Coat of Many Colors


Party All Night

Party At The Disco

Ride of Orion

See It In The Stars


To Infinity

Horse Show Names for American Paint Horses

Popular American Horses

Like Appaloosas, American Paint Horses are known for their loud coloring. These horses often have their coats covered with white and dark patches, looking as if they have had paint spilled on them. American Paint Horses are popular western and eventing mounts. Many paint horses are built similarly to quarter horses, with a shorter, stockier build. American Paint Horses will be registered with the American Paint Horse Association. Check out the name ideas down below:

Add Some Color

(Horse’s Names)’s Baby Blues (I had a paint pony with two blue eyes that I named Bella’s Baby Blues)

Blank Canvas

Bold Bravado

Dash of Color

Fresh Paint

Paint the Sky

Perfect Finish


Splash of Color

(Horse’s Name)’s Masterpiece

Horse Show Names For Friesians 

Even if you are not a horse person, you probably know what a Friesian horse is. These horses are popular movie mounts as well as excelling at driving and dressage. Their signature features include a black coat with long thick manes, tails, and feathers. Friesians are actually light draft horses, originally being used as workhorses and war horses. Friesians will be registered with the Friesian Horse Registry. Check out the Friesian horse show name ideas down below:

Fly Like Leonardo

Follow the Shadow

Knight Horse



Mother of Dragons


Shadow’s Escape

Siren of (Barn Name)

Wings of Gabriel

Horse Show Names For Arabians

The Arabian horse breed is one of the oldest breeds in the world, originating from the deserts of the Middle East. These horses are known for their lean builds, high tail sets, and their dished faces. Arabians are often sensitive and energetic, excelling in endurance disciplines. Arabians will be registered with the Arabian Horse Association. Check out the show name ideas for Arabians down below:


Bene Gesserit

Dune Racer

Habibi (male)/Habibti (female)


Mystic Melody

Juggling Joker

Prince(ss) of the Desert

Spice Trader

Striking Charisma

Horse Show Names By Color

One easy way to come up with a good show name for your horse is to play off of their physical features, one being their coat colors. A name that plays off of your horse’s coat color can help competition judges and scribes identify your horse and catch the connotation of the name!

Horse Show Names for Grey Horses

Grey horses are popular in just about every competition arena; greys can also vary greatly in shades and coat patterns. As grey horses age, they’ll go through many different physical changes, from a black coat as a yearling and steel grey as a two-year-old to a dappled grey as a seven-year-old and a flea-bitten as a fifteen-year-old. Check out the name ideas below for grey horses:

Blue Tempest

Catch the Greyhound

Cloudy With A Chance

Down The Delaware

Go Blue Or Go Home

Miss Pepperington

Mist The Details

Misty Monday Morning

Salt & Pepper

Surfin’ Tsunami

To learn more about grey horses, check out my article Dapple Grey Horses: Facts, Breeds, Origins, and Colors.

Horse Show Names for Bay Horses

Bay horses have a brown chocolate coat with black manes and tails. Bays will also have black points on their faces, ears, and legs. They can also have white markings on their face and legs. While bay is a common color among horses, it is often highly desired in hunter/jumper and equitation disciplines. I like to say there’s nothing like a fancy bay! Check out the name ideas below for bay horses:

Around the Fire

Burn Your Bridges

Copper Finish

Cup of Jo

Duke of (Barn Name)

Made By Fire


Model Citizen

Shade Of A Different Color

Through The Fire

To learn more about bay horses, check out my article What is a Bay Horse? Pictures & Fun Facts.

Horse Show Names for Chestnut Horses

Chestnut horses are most easily recognized by their red coat colors. They will often also have red or darker colored manes and tails. Chestnut horses can have white markings on their faces and legs. Chestnut is another common coat color that is seen in every riding discipline; however, a deep red chestnut with noticeable white facial markings and white socks is considered “flashy” and is desirable across disciplines.

A Hint of Ginger

Blazing Fury

Chasing Foxes

Little Red Riding Hood

Mr. Fox

Rally Tally

Seen It on Sinai

See You In September

Trigger Warning

World On Fire

Horse Show Names for Black Horses

While black horses are not as numerous as chestnuts, bays, or greys, you can find them at just about any competition. People like black horses for their mystique and whimsical appeal. Black horses can also have white markings on their face and legs. Sometimes, you may mistake a black horse for a bay horse if they have been bleached by the sun. Here are 10 name ideas for black horses:

Dark As Night

Dark Knight Rises

Eclipse Of The Heart

Falling Slowly

Moonshine Madness


On The Avenue

Spark of Ember

Total Eclipse

Wild Night

If you want more name ideas for black horses, check out my article 200+ Black Horse Names (That You Haven’t Heard.)

Hunter/Jumper/Equitation Horse Show Names

The hunter, jumper, and equitation disciplines are all about presentation, both from the horse and the rider. The show name ideas I chose for these disciplines play on the classiness and elegance that is required in the show arena. Check out the names below:

A Dip In Cool Water

Before Time

Isaiah’s Quest


Luck Of The Draw

Spark Of Luck

Take A Falling Star

Tea Time

The Road to St. Elmo

Up in The Air

Eventing Horse Show Names

Eventing is designed for bold, athletic, and versatile horses. Eventing isn’t for the faint of heart, but with that comes a great carefree and fun environment created by competitors. When you talk with an eventer, they’ll tell you it’s really about competing against yourself and your last best score rather than other riders. In my mind, an eventing show name should be bold and fun, just like the event itself! Here are my eventing name ideas:

Caught In A Landslide

Halfway There

Hungry Hippo

Livin’ On A Prayer

Get Ready To Launch


Piano Man

Ring Around The Rosie

Rocket Man

Take It From Me

To learn more about eventing, check out my article What Is Eventing? Everything You Need to Know.

Dressage Horse Show Names

Dressage is considered the highest form of horse training, requiring the horse to mesh perfectly with its riders to perform movements of rhythm, balance, control, and accentuated motions. Dressage is called the “ballet of horseback riding.” Here are some name ideas for dressage horses:

Ballet Dancer

Counting Quarters

Dance To The Music


Ode to Joy

Final Countdown

Find The Rhythm

Rhythm And Blues

Stick To The Beat

The 5th Harmony

Western Horse Show Names

Western Horseback Riding Competitions

Western disciplines are designed to show a horse’s versatility as well as its ability to complete numerous ranch tasks. There are also events like western pleasure and reining, which are designed to prove the horse’s steadiness and responsiveness. Here is a list of show names for horses competing in western disciplines:

About Last Night

Annie Oakley

Break Right!

Drift It

Grace Moment

Laramie Laredo

Ol’ Timer’s Pay

Put It In Reverse

Sing of Paradise

Take Me To Monday


What comes after the horse? THE FARM! Choosing a farm name is just as hard as picking a show name for your horse. Check out my article Horse Farm Names | 100+ Best Horse Farm Name Ideas.

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