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The Best Name Ideas For Your Horse Farm

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning a horse farm, you’ve probably spent time thinking about what you’d want to call your plot of land. My husband and I just accomplished the dream of buying a property for our farm, and now we have to name it! This has led me to create a list of horse farm names that I wanted to share with you!

Many people give their horse property a loving name; however, to legally claim that name and be considered an entity (farm or business) you must register the farm with the USDA/FSA. Not every horse activity falls under agriculture, so if that is the case, you will need to register as a business in your state and claim an EIN number from the IRS. 

Whether you’re simply looking for a way to refer to your property or you plan on running a horse operation, I hope this list of horse farm names will give you some good ideas!

Punny Horse Farm Name Ideas

Everyone loves a good pun, even if they don’t make you laugh out loud. The good news is that the horse world is filled will good pun content! Using a pun in the name of your farm is also a good way to indicate that your land is for horses. When people see the punny name, they should be able to draw the conclusion that it has to do with horses! Here are the best punny horse farm names I could come up with:

Rein It In Stables

High Horse Stables

Yay or Neigh Farm

The Mane Event Horse Farm

Night Mare Stables

Ride Or Die Stables

Horsepower Farm

Foaling Around Stables

Spur of the Moment Ranch

Tall Tale Stables

Evocative Horse Farm Name Ideas

There are words and names that can evoke emotion and feed daydreams that imagine a distant land. Certain words can make you feel peaceful and calm, while others can make you excited and happy. If you want your farm to be a place where people can experience a certain atmosphere, be sure and choose a name that evokes emotion. Here are some ideas:

Tranquility Hills Stable

Dreary Mountain Farm

Serendipity Stables

Jumping Jubilee Stables

Mellow Monday Ranch

Cloudy Field Farm

Silent Hill Stables

Solemn Creek Ranch

Misty Meadows Ranch

Geographical Horse Farm Name Ideas

If you’re drawing a blank on a good farm name for your land, try and look at the landmarks and geographical features of your plot. Can you use these in a name? This can also help people visualize and identify your horse farm, as they will know to look for these features. Here are some ideas:

Ridge – the crest of a hilltop or mountaintop.

Calvary Ridge Stables

Blue Ridge Ranch

Lake – a body of water bigger than one acre

10 Acre Lake Horse Farm 

Big Lake Stables

Plains – a wide flat expanse of land with few trees

Purple Plains Ranch

Buffalo Plains Farm

Prairie – open fields of grassland

Tall Prairie Ranch

Green Prairie Stables

Hollow – an indentation of the land; usually found in forested areas

Chimney Hollow Farm

Dark Hollow Stables

Valley – the space at a lower elevation between two mountain ranges

Big Valley Horse Farm

Winding Valley Stables

Mountain – a piece of land that has a significant gain of elevation

North Mountain Ranch

Satellite Mountain Stables

Hill – a piece of land that gains elevation but stays below 1,000 feet of elevation gain

Rolling Hill Stables

Seven Hill Farm

Peak – the top point of a mountain

Peaks of Otter Riding Stables

Peaks Point Ranch

Creek – a path of flowing water that is less significant than a river

Small Creek Farm

Lewis Creek Stables

River – a large path of flowing water that will eventually lead into another river or the ocean

James River Riding Center

Breezy River Ranch

Field – a cleared area of land used for farming

Greenfield Farm

Chestnut Field Stables

Meadow – a naturally-occurring open area of land

Symphony Meadow Horse Farm

Big Meadow Ranch

Funny Horse Farm Name Ideas

Are you someone with a sense of humor who also likes to make people laugh? If so, picking a funny horse name may be a good option for you! Dealing with horses usually produces many funny moments, creating a plethora of memories to draw from. Here are some examples:

Laughing Horse Farm

Big Ash Farm

Fat Horse Farm

Lazy Horse Ranch

Happy Appy Stables

Micro Farm 

Mod Est Farm

Brownfield Stables

Mud Horse Acres

Hick Horse Farm

Western Horse Farm Name Ideas

Western riding disciplines often showcase a horse and rider’s ability to work hard and accomplish tasks on the farm. Ranches and western riding stables have a vibe that brings you back in time to the Ol’ West where people relied heavily on their creativity and their horse. It’s important to catch this culture when naming your farm! Here are some name ideas I came up with:

Rope-N-Lope Stables

Cattle Back Corral

Bucking Bronc Ranch

(any letter)-Brand Ranch

Left Latigo Stables

Buckskin & Bay Stables

The Back-40 Barn

Palomino Prairie

Buffalo Run Farm

English Horse Farm Name Ideas

English riding disciplines vary greatly; some events are designed to showcase the horse’s athleticism and ability, while others are designed to prove the most steady-going and trusting horse. You can pull words and phrases from all the different English disciplines to create fun yet classy farm names. Here are my ideas: 

Tally-Ho Hill

Gallop Tree Farm

Red Oxer Stables

Rising Trot Stables

Cantering Hills Stable

Quiet Jumper Farm

Flying Change Farm

Passage Pastures

The Left Rein 

Three Day Farm

Looking to start a boarding stable? Check out my article How to Start a Boarding Barn & Stable: Essential Guide.

Whimsical Horse Farm Name Ideas

We’ve all dreamed of galloping our horses through a fantasy land, their mane flowing in the wind as we dash through magical forests and hidden glens. Your farm may seem like a magical place, so why not make it even more so with a whimsical and mystifying name? Check out these name ideas:

Mystery Meadows Horse Farm

Balderdash Ranch

Hoodwink Hill

Foofaraw Farm

Wonderwall Ranch

Yonderfield Farm

Swevenland Stables

Whimsical Ranch

Historical Horse Farm Name Ideas

I love history, and I love learning about places that hold a special place in a moment in time. If you live near a historical place or your land is historical, you can give it a name that helps identify its moment in history. The farm we just bought has some historical value; it was built the year the Civil War ended. Is there anything historically cool about your land? Check out these names!

Washington Ridge Stables

Colonial Hill Farm

Hamilton & Knox Stables

Jesse James Ranch

Antebellum Branch

Pony Express Prairie

Old Wagon Trail Ranch

Riveter Ridge Stables

Sojourner Stables

Booker T Stables 

Simple Horse Farm Name Ideas

Being in the horse community, you’re bound to learn the names of surrounding stables. Stables that often hold events are known by just about everyone in the area. Sometimes, having a simple farm name is easier for the masses to remember. But, just because you choose a simple name doesn’t mean it has to be boring! Look through these farm names to get some ideas:

Horse Crossing Farm

The Stables

(Your Last Name) Farm

Foxden Farm

Pine Ridge Stables

Red Mane Stables

Horse Hollow

Small Creek Stables

The Pony’s Place

Rolling Acres Farm

Pop Culture Horse Farm Name Ideas

If you’re a fan of brands, trends, or franchises, naming your farm after a pop culture reference can be a way you show your appreciation. Our own farm is going to be named after a pop culture reference! My husband and I love the video game Animal Crossing; the game involves farming your land and raising animals. Since this game encapsulates what we want to do with our own land, we’re thinking of naming our farm “Abel Crossing.” Here are some other ideas!

The Outer Range

Land of Oz Horse Farm

Hakuna Matata Hill

To Mater Stables

YOLO Ranch

Big Flex Stables

The Squad

Unchained Melody Ranch

Mos Eisley Farm

The Shire

Rivendale Stables

Pegasus Ridge Stable

I’ve been planning and dreaming about getting my horse farm for as long as I can remember. Even if you don’t have your own farm yet, it’s not bad to daydream. It’s not even a bad thing to go ahead and give your future property a name…speak it into being! 


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