200 + Black Horse Names (That You Haven’t Heard)

200+ Best Names for Black Horses

Everyone dreams of galloping on a black horse through the night, wind in your hair, the sound of hooves hitting the ground ringing in your ears. Not only does the dark shine of a black horse’s coat blanket them in mystery and intrigue, but the name you give your horse can enhance the aesthetic much more.

If you’ve been graced with being able to purchase a black horse, then the responsibility is on you to give it an EPIC name. Naming anything can be hard, and you want to pick a name that suits the horse and their personality. I’ve come up with a list of over 200 horse names for black horses specifically.

Without further ado, here are over 200 unique names for your black horse:

Fantasy Names For a Black Horse

Have you noticed that you can usually spot a glistening black Friesan horse in most fantasy movies? One specific movie that comes to mind is The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001). In the movie, hobbits are chased by the Black Riders who sit upon massive mighty black horses.

In fantasy movies, not only are horses usually the main mode of transportation but they also represent power and magic. There tends to be a certain mystical quality about black horses that makes them perfect for fantasy films.

Black horses with flowing manes are stereotypes found in any movie about the fantastical; it’s easy to see how a fantasy name may be perfect for your black horse. Luckily, there are many fantasy stories and names to choose from if this is the route you decide to take when it comes to naming your horse.

      • Aurora
      • Aethelwyne
      • Aragorn
      • Arthur
      • Arya
      • Aslan
      • Bellatrix
      • Beowulf
      • Daenerys
      • Drac
      • Drago
      • Felix
      • Freya
      • Gulliver
      • Guinnevere
      • Khaleesi
      • Lancelot
      • Magic
      • Maleficent
      • Merlin
      • Morgana
      • Nagini
      • Narah
      • Raven
      • Sansa
      • Shadowfax
      • Zelda


Pop-Culture Black Horse Names

Many people can make an instant connection to something named after someone involved in pop-culture. When you name your horse after a pop-culture item not only are you giving them a name but you’re also giving them a picture. For example, when I meet a horse named “Adele,” I immediately correlate the words classy, strong, and talented. This is a great way to encourage people to think a certain way about your animal.

Pop-culture names for horses are fun and relatable! Here are the best pop-culture names for black horses that we could find!

      • Adele
      • Atticus
      • Batman
      • Black Widow
      • Bogart
      • Dexter
      • Flicka
      • Gableclear signs a horse is in heat
      • Hendrix
      • Hermione
      • Hugo
      • Ironman
      • Jax
      • Joker
      • Kanye
      • Keanu
      • Marvel
      • Obi-Wan
      • Qui-Gon
      • Sherlock
      • Shrek
      • Simba
      • Swayze
      • Thanos
      • T’Challa
      • Thor
      • Volcan
      • Xander


Nature Names For a Black Horse

If you’re looking for a name for your black horse, look to nature. There are many objects and patterns in nature that can perfectly describe your horse’s coat color and make for a great horse name.

When I think of horses, I immediately start to think about how they remind me of the world around me. The way a horse’s mane dances in the wind reminds me of water dancing over rocks in a river. The shine of the horse’s coat can remind me of the glean of certain rocks or gems.

There is something elegant about a name that relates to nature. These names can easily correlate to a feeling or an image and can help to define the character of your black horse. Do you have a graceful horse that’s a smooth ride? Name them River! Or do you have a hot horse that gets the job done? Name them Tempest!

      • Amber
      • Ash
      • Cobalt
      • Comet
      • Ebonygirl bonding with a horse
      • Ember
      • Hawk
      • Jetta
      • Midnight
      • Nomad
      • Nova
      • Onyx
      • River
      • Sirius
      • Tempest
      • Tsunami
      • Willow
      • Windy


Historical Black Horse Names

History is a great place to look when trying to come up with a name. Many people are familiar with these names in history and will be able to draw a connection to your horse through this. People in history are often known for their personalities and their accomplishments. You can use this to mirror your horse’s personality.

Here are a few names from history that would suit a black horse:

      • Alexander
      • Alfred
      • Brando
      • Caesar
      • Casanova
      • Cassius
      • Edgar
      • Edison
      • Franklin
      • Grant
      • Heidi
      • Joan
      • Malcolm
      • Napoleon
      • Nero
      • Patton
      • Ragnar
      • Reagan
      • Sojourner
      • Talia


Mythical Names For a Black Horse

When you think of mythical names, you probably think of the Greek and Roman mythology characters you learned about in school. I remember learning about people with supernatural strength and ability who could control nature and had god-like abilities.

There are a few well-known horses throughout mythology. There’s Pegasus the winged horse, or Sleipner, Odin’s eight-legged horse from Norse mythology. According to the stories of old, many mighty heroes of mythology relied on their horses to guide them through their journeys.

Here are mythological names that would be great for a black horse:

      • Apollo
      • Ares
      • Artemis
      • Athena
      • Atlas
      • Brenna
      • Carey
      • Eros
      • Hector
      • Hercules
      • Jason
      • Juno
      • Loki
      • Luna
      • Medusa
      • Nike
      • Odin
      • Paris
      • Sphinx
      • Valkarie
      • Virgil
      • Zeus


Elegant Black Horse Names

If there is one characteristic we can agree that all black horses have in common, it’s that these horses are very elegant. Their dark coat gives them an aura of royalty and nobility, fit for a king. If you’re looking for a name for your horse that describes its elegance, check out the names below:

      • Amaya
      • Anthony
      • Augustus
      • Beatrice
      • Camilla
      • Ciara
      • DarcyFrightened Horse Running
      • Delilah
      • Duchess
      • Duke
      • Epona
      • Felicity
      • Francis
      • Grace
      • Henry
      • Jon
      • Lady
      • Ludwig
      • Neveah
      • Prince
      • Regal
      • Royal
      • Sophia
      • Sterling
      • Tobias


Tough Names For a Black Horse

If you have a black horse, particularly one build more like a draft horse, you may think that your horse could be a warhorse. In the days of knights and cavalries, warhorses were tough and fierce carrying their rider into battle. Imagine seeing a great big black galloping towards you; surely this would be enough to make the opposing side tremble.

A horse with a black coat looks tough and daring yet elegant and sophisticated. If you see your black horse more as a tough horse, hear is a list of names to consider!

      • Amir
      • Asher
      • Blitz
      • Damian
      • Darius
      • Debra
      • DoraHorse biting out of agression
      • Dre
      • Electra
      • Ezra
      • Hugo
      • Hanz
      • Judge
      • Khaos
      • Knox
      • Leo
      • Lukas
      • Samson
      • Sarge
      • Sozin
      • Tatum
      • Vader
      • Zion
      • Zuko
      • Xavier


Playful Names For a Black Horse

Owning a black horse isn’t just about being cool; your horse will be your companion and partner as you continue to train and grow together. You’ll want to have a nickname or a barn name for your horse that’s more playful and fun. I can’t tell you how many funny names I come up with for my horse! Check out these names:

      • Alfi
      • Bam Bam
      • Bella
      • Boo
      • Gigi
      • Haru
      • Ivy
      • Jim
      • Kola
      • Larz
      • Louie
      • Ollie
      • Oliver
      • Percy
      • Pilgrim
      • Piper
      • Poe
      • Poppy
      • Sebastian
      • Sissy
      • Taz
      • Tug
      • Viola
      • Whoopi


Cowboy Names For a Black Horse

This is for all my friends out there who prefer the westerns to the fantasy movies. If you’re looking for a more rustic name for your black horse, then this is the place to start. Many of these names relate to the days of the Wild West when having a horse was necessary in order to survive. Many people forget how before the 1900s, horses were a vital part of existence.

      • Apache
      • Axel
      • Branson
      • Bohannon
      • Clint
      • Dakotagear for western horse riding
      • Dallas
      • Dillon
      • Echo
      • Gypsy
      • Marshal
      • Mohawk
      • Phantom
      • Quentin
      • Remi
      • Remington
      • Sable
      • Scout
      • Shadow
      • Skye
      • Spitfire
      • Stormy
      • Tank
      • Trigger
      • Trooper
      • Wesley
      • Winston


Male Black Horse Names

      • Zorro
      • Bandit
      • Blackjack
      • Boxer
      • Storm
      • Cinder
      • Omen
      • Lancelot
      • Bulero
      • Diesel
      • Harvey
      • Phantom
      • Shadow


Female Black Horse Names

      • Tsunami 
      • Nightskye
      • Black Widow
      • Starburst
      • Willow
      • Raven
      • Coffee
      • Midnight
      • Gypsy
      • Ele



I hope this article was helpful to you as you try to come up with a name for your black horse. No matter what color your horse’s name is, names are important. Did you know that horses can learn their name? I know that when I call my horse’s name, he always looks up with his ears perked towards me!

Maybe you’re trying to come up with a name for your horse that doesn’t have a black coat. We have a list of 175 of the best horse names ever! To read our list, click here!

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