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Equine Helper is an online horse website that teaches valuable information about horses to new and experienced horse owners. This is accomplished primarily through articles and YouTube videos that are shared every week. If you’d like to learn more, you can get in touch with us here.


Equine Helper’s Story

Equine Helper was officially created in April of 2019 by Collin and Carmella Abel. Carmella’s expertise in the realm of all things horses and horseback riding, coupled with Collin’s experience in digital marketing, has helped them grow Equine Helper to serve thousands of passionate horse owners and horseback riders every month.

They purchased the domain Equine Helper at the beginning of 2019 and spent months upon months writing content for it. While at first, hardly anyone was reading their articles, slowly but surely, their readership began to increase.

Collin and Carmella had the idea of starting a website early in 2019 but they weren’t sure which direction it would go or what form it would take. After a few weeks of soul searching, it became abundantly clear to them what type of website they should create. One about horses!

As a lifelong horseback rider, Carmella was well aware of how difficult it can be to find reliable horse information online when a lot of the content circulating doesn’t offer substantive answers. From day one, their goal with Equine Helper has been not only to answer questions that horse owners all around the world frequently have but to offer them the best answers possible.

They accomplish this by performing thorough research for every single piece of content they create. While Carmella is a treasure trove of horse information all on her own from her years of horse experience, they still ensure the quality of their information by verifying it with other horse professionals.

Today, they continue sharing new articles and videos every single week covering a wide range of horse-related topics. They do this in the hopes that they can make the world of horses as safe and fun a place as possible by giving people the quality horse information they need.

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Carmella Abel, Pro Horse Trainer

Hi! I’m Carmella

My husband and I started Equine Helper to share what we’ve learned about owning and caring for horses. I’ve spent my whole life around horses, and I currently own a POA named Tucker. You can learn more here.

Thank you for reading, and happy trails!

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