30 Top Brands With Horse Logos

Top Brands With Horse Logos

Many companies use horses in their advertising because of the strength, power, and confidence the sight of the animals evokes in us. You are likely familiar with a handful of these logos, but there is, in fact, much more to horse logos than the Ford Mustang and Ralph Lauren.

What are some of the top brands that feature horses in their logos? There are many companies that feature horses in their logos (and other “equines” like zebras and Pegasi). These include companies that specialize in auto manufacturing, like Porsche, luxury clothing, like Hermes, and even video game development.

Featured here are 30 of the top brands, in alphabetical order, that feature horses in their well-known (or, in some cases, lesser-known) logos.

Asquith Motors

Founded in 1981, British company Asquith Motors specializes in the manufacturing of replicas of vintage commercial vehicles. All of the vehicles are handcrafted, and once completed, they are shipped all over the globe, with Germany being the biggest importer. The Asquith Motors logo is a banner with the head and front legs of a horse at the top.


Burberry is the first of a few luxury fashion brands on this list. Horses can be associated with high society and, therefore, are a popular logo choice for expensive brands. Burberry’s logo is a knight in full armor on a war horse.


Carlsson is a German automotive company specializing in the engine tuning of Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Carlsson’s logo is of an elegant horse in the middle of a jump.

Coach New York

Another high-end fashion brand, Coach, was founded in Manhattan in 1941. While you are likely familiar with the “C” used on their products, their official logo is of a stagecoach pulled by two horses. 

Dallas Mavericks

Dallas’s NBA team, the Mavericks, is the first professional sports team on this list with a horse in their logo – a circle surrounding the head of a proud-looking horse (with an “M” in his forelock).

Dark Horse Comics 

Founded in 1986, Dark Horse Comics is the 4th largest comic publishing company in the country and includes Star Wars, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Sin City. Their logo is of the black silhouette of the head of a horse against a white background. 

Dark Horse Wine

Dark Horse Wine produces a quality wine made from various orchards in California. Their logo is the front of a horse’s head with a large white blaze that is in the shape of a wine glass. 

Denver Broncos

Denver’s NFL team, the Broncos, features a logo with the head of an intimidating white horse sporting an orange mane. The horse is usually sitting on top of an orange or blue background.


This Italian luxury sports car manufacturer has a powerful logo to match its powerful engine. Ferrari’s logo features a rearing black horse with a wild mane against a yellow background.

Ford Bronco

I was excited to see the Ford Bronco make a strong comeback, and while the model looks a bit different than it did years ago, the logo does not. The Ford Bronco logo features, of course, a flashy bucking bronc.

Ford Mustang

Ford adopted another horse logo for its infamous Mustang – this time with a racing horse to emphasize the car’s speed. The horse on the Mustang logo is mid-gallop. 

Fruit Stripe

Not technically a horse, but certainly in the equine family, Fruit Stripe gum has for decades used a brightly-colored zebra as its mascot. Featured on its logo is the cartoon zebra with its pink, green, and yellow stripes.

Godiva Chocolates

The original Godiva logo featured an intricate design of Lady Godiva on a highly-decorated and flashy horse. The current Godiva logo, released in 2005, is a simpler version of the original – Lady Godiva atop an unadorned mount.

Hanteng Autos

Hanteng Autos was a Chinese auto manufacturer developed in 2013 that hit obstacles in 2022 when it declared bankruptcy. Though the future of the company is uncertain, it had a great logo – a powerful horse launching into a jump.


One of the original luxury fashion brands, Hermes, actually started in the 1800s selling “luxury” bridles, saddles, and harnesses to French noblemen. The company’s logo is a statement of its beginnings – a carriage pulled by a large, proud horse.

Holsten Brewery

Founded in the late 1800’s in Germany, Holsten Brewery is now exported and sold throughout the globe. Its logo features a knight atop a rearing black horse.


Kamaz is a Russian manufacturer of commercial trucks and buses. It is the largest producer of its kind in its home country. Its logo is of a seemingly wild horse darting from the side and breaking into a run.


Khodro is a significant Iranian auto manufacturer, producing passenger cars, trucks, and buses. The logo is the profile of a strong, thick horse head, likely emphasizing the strength and durability of the brand.

La Martina

La Martina started out by producing leather saddles and boots for the sport of polo and is now known as a global high-end fashion brand. Its logo features two polo players, each on a polo pony, clashing their sticks in a cross pattern.

Levi Strauss & Co

Levi Strauss & Co. is well-known as the “inventor” of the first blue denim jeans. Starting in the 1800’s, it is still one of the leading denim jean manufacturers in the world. Levi’s official logo is of two horses in harnesses, each moving in the opposite direction, pulling at a pair of jeans – the emphasis being on the strength of their jeans.


Another luxury fashion brand from France, Longchamp was started in 1948 and is known for its quality, high-end leather products.  The Longchamp logo emphasizes its luxury branding by featuring a jockey on a galloping racehorse. 


Mobil is one of the leading brands of auto fuel and motor oil. While you may be familiar with the brand and its signs featuring simply its name, you may not know their official logo is of a red Pegasus in mid-flight.

Pegasus Airlines

Pegasus Airlines is a Turkish company that has codeshare agreements with Delta Airlines and Qatar Airways, among others. The company is often seen branded as “Flypgs.” Pegasus Airlines’s logo is of a white Pegasus mid-rear.

Polo (Ralph Lauren)

Polo is the fashion line of designer Ralph Lauren, debuting in 1968. Given its namesake, its logo is of a polo player atop a horse in the middle of a play.


Everyone knows of the Porsche, but did you know the official name of the company is actually “Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG”? It’s no wonder it is usually shortened to simply “Porsche.” The logo of this luxury car manufacturer is a shield with a rearing war horse in the middle. 

Power Horse Energy Drink

Developed in Austria, the Power Horse Energy Drink uses an image of strength in its marketing – its logo features a black horse, sometimes in mid-canter and sometimes in a rear.

Spicy Horse / Spicy Pony

Spicy Horse (and Spicy Pony) are video game development companies created by American entrepreneurs but based in Shanghai. Their logos are very cute, slightly manic-looking cartoon horses that breathe fire. In 2016, the founder, American McGee (yes, that is his first name), opted to move away from Spicy Horse production and focus on indie development… and his sailboat.

TriStar Pictures

This is another one most of us are familiar with – a leading American motion picture company and a member of Sony, TriStar Pictures’s logo features a magnificent Pegasus that appears to be heading straight for the viewer.

White Horse Whiskey

Developed in Scotland in the 1800s and still winning awards in the 2000s, White Horse Whiskey features a standing white horse at rest atop a black background.

Zebra Technologies

Lastly, Zebra Technologies is a computing company best known for its bar code printing (it is believed that up to 90% of the bar codes we see in stores are produced by Zebra Technologies). The company’s logo features a simple optical illusion of a zebra silhouette. 

Horse Logos Are Widely Featured In Marketing

It’s no wonder so many horses can be found in company logos. They are known for their strength, endurance, and power. These traits are all significant selling features in a wide variety of products, from denim jeans to sports cars. As long as consumers appreciate durable and powerful products, horses will continue being featured in creative ways on company logos.

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