25 Horse Books For Horse Lovers (Picked By An Equestrian)

What Are the Best Horse Books?

The horse world is a passionate one. Most of us equestrians ride horses, think about horses, dream about horses, read about horses, and watch training videos about horses. We are “horse people”; it is an identity. If this is you, you are not alone! And we have just the books for you. 

What are the best horse books for horse lovers? There is no shortage of horse books available, and whether you are looking to get lost in a fictional story about horses or you are looking for horse-training tips, you will find what you’re looking for in our list of 25 horse book suggestions.

Are you looking for a book to bury your nose into? Are you looking for a book that will help you understand how to better care for horses? Keep reading!

Fiction Horse Books

Whether you are looking for a single novel or a new series to embark on, here are several of the top choices in the horse fiction world. 

Black Beauty, by Anna Sewell


We can’t compile a list of classic horse novels without starting off with Black Beauty. This is a book for horse-lovers of all ages and follows the life, kindnesses, and hardships of Black Beauty. Click here to get this book on Amazon.

Horse Trouble, by Kristin Varner


This one is a graphic novel, and appropriate for ages 8-12. It follows an adolescent girl navigating friendships, insecurities, and courage in the stables. Purchase this book by clicking here:

My Friend Flicka, by Mary O’Hara


My Friend Flicka is a horse book classic; even non-equestrians can tell you that! Following a young man’s journey through the uncertainties of life, he finds purpose in a filly named Flicka. Click here for pricing:

Joey: How a Blind Rescue Horse Helped Others Learn to See, by Jennifer Marshall Bleakley


Based on a true story, this is a novel about disadvantaged kids who take in a neglected rescue horse and the hope and faith that bind them. Click here to buy this book:

The Horse Whisperer, by Nicholas Evans


Following a tragic accident, this is a touching story about healing and recovery for an injured girl and her horse. This book is best suited for adults as it includes mature content. You can purchase this book here:

The Saddle Club, by Bonnie Bryant


There is no better way to feed your child’s horse obsession than by letting them read The Saddle Club. There are over 94 books in this series…yes, 94! I devoured these books as a kid and would play pretend that I was a character in the books. Click here to purchase this book on Amazon:

Marguerite Henry’s Ponies Of Chincoteague, by Catherine Hapka


An 8-book series that follows four young friends and their horse adventures. Geared for children 8-12 years old. You can also visit the real Chincoteague ponies on Assateague Island, an island off of the coast of the Delmarva Peninsula. Click here to learn more about this book:

Canterwood Crest, by Jessica Burkhart


Currently with 21 books, this series follows the adventures (and drama) of an equestrian academy. Geared for children 9-13 years old. Click here to purchase:

The Black Stallion Adventures, by Walter Farley


A classic 20-book series, The Black Stallion Adventures follows a young man and the stallion that he saves from a shipwreck. Appropriate for children 8-12 years old. You can purchase these books here:

Horse Gone Silent, by Shane Ledyard


This inspiring trilogy follows the life of a showjumper through adventure and tragedy. Appropriate for ages 13+ and inspired by a true story. Learn more about this book here:

Non-Fiction Horse Books

There is a wealth of non-fiction books providing guidance on all manners of horse ownership, care, and riding. 

The Horse Encyclopedia, by Elwyn Hartley Edwards


This 360-page hardcover will outline horse care essentials as well as snippets of horse history. Best of all, it includes colorful photographs and informative summaries of over 150 different horse breeds. If you’re interested in purchasing this book, click here:

The Original Horse Bible, by Moira C. Reeve


An in-depth source for everything to do with horses – from horse ownership, to breed profiles, to horse training, this book has something for everyone. Want to get this book for a loved one? Click here:

America’s Wild Horses: The History of the Western Mustang, by Steve Price


A fascinating look at the research and history of the feral mustangs of the west, including colorful photography and expert interviews. You can read this book here:

The History of Horse Racing, by John Carter


This is an interesting and illustrative look into both the history and the modern world of horse racing. You can purchase this book here:

100 Horses in History: True Stories of the Horses Who Shaped Our World, by Gayle Stewart


Here you will find a resource into 100 of the most famous horses in history. If you’re a history buff like me, then this book is for you! Click here to get this book:

Horse Brain, Human Brain, by Janet Jones PhD


Horse Brain, Human Brain is a fascinating book that dives into the differences between how horses see the world and how humans see the world. Want this book? Click here:

Horses Never Lie: The Heart Of Passive Leadership, by Mark Rashid


Challenging the traditional “alpha-leader” training methods, this is a book that strives to teach trainers how to connect with their horses through mutual respect and gentleness. Get this book here:

Sacred Spaces: Communion With The Horse Through Science and Spirit, by Dr. Susan D. Fay


A close look into the connection between horse and handler, and how to communicate for the ultimate bond. Get this book on Amazon by clicking here:

Complete Horse Care Manual, by Colin Vogel


This is a colorful reference for all things related to horse care and ownership – including feeding, lifestyle, and how to correct common behavioral problems. You can purchase this book here:

Horse Life: The Ultimate Guide to Caring For and Riding Horses for Kids, by Robyn Smith


This is the perfect guide to horse care and safe riding for kids, appropriate for ages 8-12 years old. Want this book for a loved one? You can purchase it here:

Horse Owner’s Veterinary Handbook, by Thomas Gore, Paula Gore, & James M. Giffin


An excellent resource for all horse owners, this book covers infectious diseases, parasites, breeding, and alternative therapies. Do you need this helpful book? Click here to buy:

Dr. Kellon’s Guide To First Aid For Horses, by Eleanor Kellon VMD


This is an informative reference guide to emergency situations, from lacerations and smoke inhalation to allergic reactions and colic. You can purchase this book here:

The Essential Hoof Book, by Susan Kauffmann


This book has everything you need to know about hoof anatomy and care, with colorful illustrations and photos. Want to know more about horse hooves? Purchase this book here:

40 Fundamentals of English Riding, by Hollie H. McNeil


This is your ultimate guide on how to ride with correct form and effective signals in the English discipline. View this book on Amazon by clicking here:

Riding Fear Free: Help for Fearful Riders and Their Teachers, by Laura Daley


This is a wonderful resource for anyone who suffers from riding anxiety and fear around horses. Purchase this book here:


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