Horse Training Books: Top 10 Horse Training Books To Read

As equestrians, we must continue to invest in education in order to better ourselves as riders and horse owners. Whether you train horses professionally or are simply looking to learn some tips for training your own horse, many books have proven to be valuable resources. Even after spending decades alongside your horse, there are likely to be new tips and training techniques that can benefit your riding.

We are fortunate to live in an age where information is so accessible. However, sometimes this can create confusion and make finding a horse training book quite overwhelming. In this post, we have compiled a list of the top 10 horse training books that every equestrian should read. From books about ground training exercises to tips for training on the trail, we have included something for every riding style. 

By investing in your riding in this way, you can more effectively train your horse and achieve better results during your rides. 

Ten Horse Training Books Every Equestrian Should Read

There are countless horse training books on the market today. We believe that every equestrian should invest in furthering their riding knowledge in this way! Here are just a few of our favorite horse training books for equestrians of every level:

1. How to Think Like A Horse: The Essential Handbook for Understanding Why Horses Do What They Do by Cherry Hill


Have you ever wished that you could read your horse’s mind? Well, with the help of this great horse training book, your wish may become a reality! Experienced equestrian and horse trainer Cherry Hill shares valuable insight on why your horse exhibits certain behaviors. 

Understanding the thought process behind the behaviors of your horse allows you to train them more effectively. Throughout the pages of this best-selling book, you will learn to communicate with your horse as you establish a relationship built on trust and respect. 

2. The Modern Horseman’s Countdown to Broke: Real Do-It-Yourself Horse Training in 33 Comprehensive Steps by Sean Patrick


Are you looking for a foolproof guide to training your horse? That is exactly what professional horse trainer Sean Patrick provides in his book. The step-by-step instructions found in this book expertly guide you through the process of training your horse from start to finish. In short, this book trains you to be a horse trainer!

In a format that is suited for riders of all levels, Sean Patrick offers not only training tops for your horse but also shares tips on how a rider can influence their horse through body language and actions. This book provides an efficient and effective approach to training your horse that has proven beneficial for horses of all ages.

3. Clinton Anderson’s Downunder Horsemanship: Establishing Respect and Control for English and Western Riders by Clinton Anderson


Clinton Anderson is a name that is well-known in the equine community. On his television show, Downunder Horsemanship, Clinton Anderson shares many training techniques that have provided amazing results with a variety of horses! 

Throughout the pages of this book, Clinton Anderson provides insight into his horse training methods and techniques, helping owners communicate more effectively with their horses. Not only does this book contain a wealth of knowledge for both English and Western riders, but it also includes helpful photographs and illustrations for visual learners. This book is another great tool for riders of all ages and ability levels.

4. 101 Ground Training Exercises for Every Horse & Handler by Cherry Hill


As I have mentioned several times before, I am a strong advocate for the importance of ground training exercise, especially with younger horses. In this great resource, Cherry Hill creates an easy reference for exercises that will pave the way to a pleasurable riding experience. 

Establishing good habits through ground training exercises will translate into good riding habits, the importance of this should not be overlooked! Not only does ground training benefit the riding experience but it also helps create a trusting relationship between horse and rider. This easy reference material is made to be used while training your horse, complete with the ability to hang on a fence post.

5. Centered Riding by Sally Swift


If you have been part of the equine community for a while, you may be looking for a new take on horse training. Sally Swift has provided just the thing through her book, Centered Riding. As an experienced equestrian, Sally Swift has made a name for herself through an innovative training philosophy that rejects the traditional practice of negative reinforcement. 

Sally Swift believes in utilizing full body awareness to achieve perfect harmony between the horse and rider. In Centered Riding, you will learn tips for proper breathing techniques, balance, and centering practices. Regardless of your typical approach to horse training, this book provides a valuable perspective from which all equestrians could benefit.

6. The Horse Encyclopedia by Elwyn Hartley Edwards 


The most important step in effective horse training is understanding the basics of horses. While not a traditional horse training book, The Horse Encyclopedia is a must-have for every equestrian. Within the pages of this beautiful book by Elwyn Hartley Edwards, you will find stunning photographs and valuable information. 

With information on the characteristics of various horse breeds, equine history, tips for horse care, and conditioning, you are sure to find yourself coming back to this resource year after year. Additionally, this book is an excellent resource for new equestrians who are just beginning to take interest in horses! 

7. Horse Speak: An Equine-Human Translation Guide: Conversations with Horses in Their Language by Sharon Wilsie


Successful horse training depends on your ability to communicate with your horse. In this educational book, Sharon Wilsie shares 12 easy steps for communicating with your horse through breath and body language. By learning to more effectively communicate with your horse, you can experience better success in your training efforts. 

Regardless of your experience level or involvement in horse training, this book has proven to be a valuable asset to anyone who works with horses in any capacity. In addition to sharing a wealth of knowledge, this book also provides several step-by-step templates and helpful photographs to walk you through the process.

8. Horse Training: Ultimate Secrets on How to Think Like a Horse in Easy Do It Yourself Training Steps by Janet Evans


If you are just getting started on your horse training journey, this is the book for you! Experienced equestrian, Janet Evans, covers a wide variety of topics throughout this book including training tips for beginners, important voice commands, obedience training, lead training, and more. By the end of the book, you will feel confident in your ability to train your horse and navigate the obstacles that may arise during the process.

9. Training on the Trail: Practical Solutions for Trail Riding by Clinton Anderson


While most horse training books cover basic training tips and techniques, this book provides information on another type of training. Expert horse trainer Clinton Anderson shares a more in-depth look at his world-renowned training techniques while applying them to trail riding. 

Trail riding can be an enjoyable way to interact with your horse while providing them with great exercise. However, many riders shy away from this practice as there are many obstacles one must overcome for success. 

Throughout this book, Clinton Anderson shares great tips on navigating common trail riding problems such as spooking, grass-snatching, timidity, jigging, and others. With the help of these tips, you can once again enjoy your trail rides without fear of the unknown.

10. Horsemanship Through Life: A Trainer’s Guide to Better Living and Better Riding by Mark Rashid


Much of a successful training experience revolves around establishing a strong foundation of trust and respect with our horse. In this book, professional horse trainer Mark Rashid shares important tips on how to build a great relationship with horses. 

Not only does this book share valuable tips and techniques for horse training but it also includes principles for life outside the barn. This book abounds with profound lessons for both you and your horse making this is a book that every equestrian must add to their bookshelf! 

In Conclusion

Although there are countless horse training resources available online, there is something to be said for investing time into reading a book on the topic. The books on this list were written by experts who have dedicated their lives to developing a better understanding of horses and effective training techniques. By reading books from a variety of perspectives, we can gain insight into streamlining our own approach to horse training.

Even as an experienced equestrian, it is important to continue your education. In the world of horses, there is always more to learn and ways to grow in the way you ride, care for, and communicate with horses. Additionally, not every horse will respond in the same way to your horse training technique! It is valuable to learn various training techniques so that you can adapt your style to the needs of each horse.

Not only do we have a great list of horse training books but we also have a great list of the best horse movies! If you’re looking for a movie to watch, check out our list here.


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