New Horse Owner Shopping List (Everything You’ll Need)

If you’re a new horse owner, first off, congratulations! Secondly, you’re probably wondering about everything you have to get for your equine buddy. There are a few essentials to be aware of when it comes to caring for your horse. Having these items on hand will make horse ownership a breeze.

What should be included on a new horse owner’s shopping list? I would include:

  • Halter & Lead Rope
  • Grooming Kit
  • Equine First Aid Kit
  • Basic Medical Products
  • Tack
  • Riding Helmet
  • Winter Supplies
  • Summer Supplies
  • Feed
  • Feed Bucket
  • Feed Storage
  • Water Bucket


When it comes to taking care of your new horse, you’ll find that it’s better to have supplies on-hand rather than having to run out and get them when an emergency arises. Below, I’ve given detailed descriptions about the supplies you’ll need as well as recommending some specific items that I can’t live without.

Halter & Lead Rope

 First things first; you’ll need a halter and a lead rope. Without these, you wouldn’t be able to catch your horse in the field, lead them, or tie them off. I consider the halter and lead rope to be the very first thing you should buy on your list.

If you’re on a budget and you can’t purchase all of your supplies at once, having a halter and lead rope will at least help you to be close to your horse and work on bonding with them. (See our article, Bonding With Your Horse: 8 Simple Tips That Actually Work.)

As for the halter and lead rope I would recommend, I’d have to go with the Weaver Leather Rope Halter & Lead. (see the price on Amazon.) I prefer rope halters with the connected lead as it communicates pressure you apply more thoroughly. This type of halter set is also perfect for groundwork.

Grooming Kit

The second thing you should make sure you purchase is a grooming kit. A grooming kit will include all the supplies you need in order to keep your horse looking good: curry combs, stiff brushes, hoof picks, sweat scrapers, and mane and tail combs.

Grooming your horse falls into the daily care that your new horse will need. It allows you to not only keep your horse clean but also to check for cuts, sore muscles, and anything else that may affect your horse. It’s also a great way for your horse to get to know you a bit better.

The Weaver Leather Grooming Kit comes with all the necessary brushes, picks, and combs you’ll need for your horse, as well as a supply case to carry it all in.

Equine First Aid Kit

 A very important essential you should always have on hand as a new horse owner is an equine first aid kit. Just like kids, horses can sometimes come up with abrasions, scrapes, and other injuries that will need first aid care.

An equine first aid kit should include gauze and bandages, vet wrap, saline solution, antiseptic cream, tweezers, and duct-tape. The Trailering Equine First Aid Medical Kit is a great equine first aid kit to have on hand.

As a new horse owner, you’ll want to study up on some of the common injuries you may find in your horse. To help you along, we wrote an article, Common Horse Injuries and How to Treat Them. Check it out!

Basic Medical Products

Besides the supplies that come in an equine first aid kit, there are other ointments and natural products that can be used to benefit the health of your horse. These materials can be used to treat fungal infections, bacterial infections. The products can be bought at your local grocery store for only a few bucks each.


Desitin, also known as baby butt cream, is great for treating fungal infections and any other rash that may appear on your horse. It can also be great to use on horses that have sunburn or other areas of irritated skin.


Iodine solution can be used as an antiseptic and as a treatment for fungal and bacterial infections. This is my go-to method for treating rain rot and thrush. Just make sure you dilute the iodine before you use it on the horse!

Apple Cider Vinegar

Use apple cider vinegar on open wounds; it has anti-itching properties and helps to keep the wound clean. It also helps the wound to heal much faster. I used this on my horse when he had an abscess erupt on his face, and he was healed up in no time.

Saline Solution

Saline solution is a cheap but effective antiseptic for any cut or wound your horse may get. Use this solution to draw out hoof abscesses or to help dry out mouth sores.

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil works to calm a horse’s irritated digestive system. This can be used if a horse is exhibiting symptoms of colic. Just a heads up; even if you use this ointment, you should still call the veterinarian when it comes to a colicky horse!

To learn a bit more about each of these home remedies, check out our article, Natural Remedies for Horses That Actually Work.


If you ever want to get on your new horse, you’re going to need some tack. Tack includes the saddle, saddle pad, bridle, and girth. Before you purchase any of this equipment, take some time to research what type of tack would be best for you and your horse.

Would you rather ride in a western saddle or an English saddle. Does your horse need extra cushion between the saddle and its back? What riding discipline do you plan on training in? These questions are important to ask yourself to ensure you and your horse’s comfort while riding.

We’ve taken some time to make a list of the tack pieces that we recommend the most for new horse owners. Check out our recommended tack products here.

Riding Helmet

When it comes to riding your horse, I believe that everyone should wear a riding helmet. Whether you realize this or not, wearing a helmet is a life or death decision. I had a relative who took a spill off of a horse and hit her head, which unfortunately resulted in death.

Accidents and falls happen; it comes with the territory of riding horses. Better be safe than sorry and invest in a riding helmet. The Troxel Sport Schooling Helmet is a budget-friendly helmet perfect for new horse owners. The Ovation Deluxe Schooler Helmet is a nice more expensive helmet for those wanting to get in the show arena or up their style.

Winter Supplies

When the winter months roll around, there always seems to be more responsibility when it comes to caring for your horse. Having the essential supplies ahead of time can make the colder months much easier to deal with.

To know more, click here to read our 20 best winter horse care tips.

Heated Water Bucket

If your horse stays in a stall for the portion of the day, it’s important that they have a heated water bucket, like the 5 Gallon Heated Bucket I found on Amazon. These buckets have a heater built into them that just has to be plugged into an outlet in order to work.

Water buckets can freeze even if they’re in a stable. If your horse doesn’t have access to water, they can get dehydrated and even colic. Having a heated water bucket on-hand can help ensure that your horse is staying healthy and hydrated.

Horse Blanket

If your horse is more susceptible to the cold, you’ll want to invest in a winter blanket. These blankets drape of your horse and buckle across their chest and at their sides. Usually, these blankets are waterproof and add an extra layer of insulation for your horse.

I use the Derby Waterproof Winter Blanket on my horses. This blanket offers protection for my horses that have had a harder time withstanding the cold.


A cooler is usually a light fleece blanket that you throw over your horse after a hard workout, specifically when the weather is cooler. After you ride your horse, They will sweat under their long winter coat. If they’re left to dry in the colder air, they can become chilled.

A cooler wicks the moisture away from your horse and helps them to protect them from the colder temperature as they cool down from their workout. The Tuffrider Cooler Sheet is the perfect cooler to invest in if you plan on continuing training through the winter.

Insulated Apparel

 Let’s face it, going out the barn and caring for your horse can be miserable in the winter. There are two clothing products that I have found that makes the world of difference:

The Under Armour Cold Gear is a thin thermal layer you can wear under your clothes. I use this for chores and for riding. It’s incredible the way this shirt keeps in heat. I believe everyone should have this!

The Arctic Sport Muck Boot is an insulated muck boot that can double as a riding boot. There’s nothing worse than frozen feet; luckily, these boots do a pretty good job at keeping your feet warm. They’re also waterproof so you can wear them out in the snow and in the mud.

Summer Supplies

The summer is great because it means more time to ride! However, this time of year can also be annoying due to the number of flying pests that like to hang out around the barn as well as the heat that takes away any desire to do anything. Having these products in hand can help to keep you and your horse at peace:

Fly Mask

For whatever reason, flies love horses; in return, horses hate flies. Help keep your horse happy and buy them a fly mask. There’s nothing more miserable than watching flies swarm around your horse’s eyes and nose.

I personally recommend the Cashel Crusader Standard Fly Mask. It not only keeps the bugs off of your horse’s face, but it also provides UV protection for your horse’s eyes. If you have a light-eyed horse, these fly masks can be a lifesaver.

Fly Sheet

When all the insects come out to play, some horses tend to develop skin problems from all the bites. This can show up as hives or even hair loss. A flysheet is a light-weight breathable blanket that can be draped over your horse to keep them safe from the bugs.

If you have a pink-skinned horse, like a pinto, a fly sheet can help protect them from the sun. I had a little pinto pony once that would get sunburnt all the time. We started keeping a fly sheet on her and WaLa; problem solved.

Check out the Weatherbeeta Fly Sheet on Amazon.

Fly Spray

 I don’t usually use fly spray because I’ve never been impressed by how well it works; however, the flies were so bad this year that I caved and bought some. Let me tell you, the Farnum Fly Spray is the best thing that has ever happened to my horse. I highly recommend you purchase this product for summertime.

Flies are annoying, not only to you but also to your horse. They can be such a nuisance when riding and your horse will always seem agitated because of them. Fly spray is a simple spray that you squirt over your horse’s coat that should keep the bugs away.

Box Fan

The reason you should buy a box fan for your horse is to hang up in their stables or run-in shed. The fan can offer much-needed comfort from the blazing heat of summer. Every horse I’ve ever known has loved the cool breeze the fan provides. Check out this box fan on Amazon by clicking here.


When you purchase your new horse, you’ll have to decide whether or not the horse will need to eat grain. Some horses are easily sustained on pasture, while some need the extra food to keep weight on and get the right mineral intake. To know more, read our article, Why Your Horse Isn’t Gaining Weight and What to Do About It.

Ask your horse’s previous owner what they fed the horse. Consult your veterinarian about what they recommend would be the healthiest option for your horse. There are many feed options out there; getting a professional’s opinion will be a big help.

Feed Bucket

 If you decide on feeding your horse grain, you’ll need a feed bucket. The Miller Rubber Feed Pan is a cheap and durable option. You can also feed mash and medicine with this feed pan, which makes it handy for horse owners that don’t usually feed their horses grain.

Feed Storage

If you’re going to be feeding your horse grain, you’ll want to invest in a clean and safe storage bin. If stored incorrectly, rodents can feast, mold can grow, and diseases can immerge. You’ll want to find a sealable bin that can’t be chewed through. Check out this 13-gallon feed storage option.

Water Bucket

I recommend always having a water bucket on hand. You can offer water to your horse, use it for bathing your horse or even offering them food. The Little Giant Bucket is a durable bucket that I personally like having.

Did you find everything you need? Check out our article, 50 Tips for New Horse Owners: Everything You Need to Know.


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