Recommended Saddles

If you buy the right saddle, it can last you a lifetime. When selecting a saddle, you’ll want to make sure that it’s a comfortable fit for both you, as well as your horse. You should also make sure that the saddle you select is for the riding discipline you plan to pursue.


English Riding Saddles 

The AceRugs All Purpose English Riding Saddle (link to check price on Amazon) is a quality saddle option at a cheap price. The saddle comes in several different sizes to ensure a good fit, and it has a lot of positive reviews. This is a great saddle for those just getting into horseback riding or low-level showing. This saddle can be used for a number of disciplines, from jumping to dressage.

If you’re looking for a saddle that requires minimal care, check out the Wintec 250 All Purpose Saddle. Wintec is a name-brand known for making quality synthetic saddles. This saddle may appear to be leather, but it’s really synthetic material that you can clean simply by wiping it off with a damp rag. I’ve had a few Wintecs in my day, and every Wintec I’ve ridden in has been extremely comfortable.

The M. Toulouse Premia CC Saddle Genesis Tree is a saddle of optimal quality and comfort. If the price isn’t a concern, then you may as well go all out and get one of these impressive name-brand saddles. I’ve been able to ride in a few M. Toulouse, and they have got to be the most comfortable saddles I’ve ever sat in.

Western Saddles

The AceRugs All Natural Cowhide Western Saddle also comes with a bridle and breast collar; altogether, this is for an unbeatable price. This saddle can be used in multiple disciplines, and the detailed stitching gives a refined and mature look. These saddles are known to be extremely comfortable, adding extra padding for you and your horse.

My go-to western saddle choice will always be Abetta. These saddles are light-weight synthetic saddles that are incredibly durable. My personal Abetta is probably 50 yrs old, but it still has a lot of life left. The Abetta Original Round Skirt Trail Saddle is a great choice if you want a comfortable trail saddle that won’t weigh down your horse. I can’t brag on these saddles enough!

Recommended Bridles and Headstalls

Bridles allow you to have contact with your horse’s head, cueing them through the reins. The most important thing to remember when selecting a bridle or headstall is to make sure that it will be able to fit your horse. There are many different straps and bands on a bridle, and each has its specific way of fitting on the horse.

English Bridles

AceRugs is known for making quality tack at reasonable prices, and their AceRugs English Bridle is no different. If you shop on a budget, this bridle is a great choice. I’ve bought a few of these bridles before and despite the cheap price, they have been proven durable and well-made.

The Henri de Rivel Mono Crown Bridle with Padded Wide Noseband not only provides your horse with comfort, but it does so while still looking good! This particular brand is a staple in the hunter-jumper world; it’s delicate stitching being a signature. This brand makes quality tack focused on the care and comfort of your horse.

Western Headstalls

The Stacy Westfall Headstall is a great headstall to invest in. It’s made by Weaver Leather, which is known for its durable yet elegant products. This particular headstall has the oomph you need to look good in the show ring while also being reliable enough to just use around the farm. For a more budget-friendly option, check out this headstall by Weaver Leather.

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