Horse Breed Abbreviations: Official Reference Guide

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Horse Breed Abbreviations Guide

If you’re new to the horse world, something that might catch you by surprise is the number of horse abbreviations there are. With so many horse breeds, it can be easy to get them confused with one another, so we put together this official horse breed abbreviations reference guide to help.

Here are all of the horse breed abbreviations you should be aware of: 

AbbreviationsHorse Breeds
AAAnglo Arabian
ACDAmerican Cream Draft
AESAnglo European Studbook
AHRArabian Horse Registry
AMHAAmerican Miniature Horse Registry
AMHRAmerican Morgan Horse Registry
APHAAmerican Paint Horse Association
APHCAppaloosa Horse Club
AQHAAmerican Quarter Horse Association
ASBAmerican Saddlebred
ATAAmerican Trakehner Association
AWBAmerican Warmblood
BWBBelgian Warmblood
CBCleveland Bay
CSHACanadian Sport Horse Association
CTHSCanadian Trakehner Horse Society
CWBCanadian Warmblood
CWHBACanadian Warmblood Horse Breeders Association
DSPDeutsches Sportpferd (German Sport Horse)
GerWbGerman Warmblood
ISHIrish Sport Horse
JCJockey Club
KMHKentucky Mountain Horse
Kwpn (Wpn)Dutch Warmblood
MFTMissouri Fox Trotter
NfwpBelgian Warmblood
OTTBOff The Track Thoroughbred
RIDRegistered Irish Draught
QHQuarter Horse
RMHRocky Mountain Horse
SfSelle Francais
SHB (GB)Sport Horse Breeding of Great Britain/British Sport Horse
SvSwedish Warmblood
TWHTennessee Walking Horse


Additional Horse Breed Information

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