Celebrities Who Ride Horses (You Might Be Surprised)

Horses appear in countless movies and television shows. But did you realize that many celebrities enjoy riding horses in their free time? As an equestrian, it can be fun to learn more about other horse lovers, owners, and riders. In this post, we will share an extensive list of celebrities who ride horses. Some of the names on this list may be expected while others are sure to be a complete surprise! 

Surprising List of Celebrities Who Ride Horses

Many celebrities of both past and present are quick to share their love and admiration for their equine co-stars. However, many celebrities take this appreciation to the next level, riding or even owning horses in their free time! Several celebrities, in fact, fostered this love for their equine co-stars on set, going on to adopt the horse once filming was complete. 

Celebrities own ranches, breed horses, participate in events and competitions, and post pictures of their equine companions! Keep reading to learn more about some of the most famous horse lovers over the years.

Female Celebrities Who Ride Horses

There is something to be said about the love between a girl and her horse. This sentiment certainly rings true in the celebrity world! Here are just a few of the most famous female celebrities who ride horses in their free time.

Amy Winehouse Embed from Getty Images

Amy Winehouse is often remembered for her tragic death, tumultuous marriage, and substance abuse. However, horses were one area where Amy truly found comfort. Amy often traveled to St. Lucia where she rode frequently.

Bella Hadid 

Embed from Getty Images

Bella Hadid, sister to Gigi Hadid, is not only a lover of horses but she is quite competitive in riding circles! In fact, Bella was on track to participate in up to three equestrian events in the  2016 Olympic Games in Rio. Unfortunately, Lyme Disease prevented her from pursuing this dream. 

While her competitive riding may be a thing of the past, Bella Hadid still owns several horses including Blue who she often rides bareback.

Elizabeth Taylor

Star of one of the most iconic horse films, National Velvet, Elizabeth Taylor’s love for horses was not only evident on screen but also in real life. In fact, Elizabeth fell so deeply in love with the horse that she rode in National Velvet that she adopted the beautiful horse once filming was complete.

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts is one of the most well-known actresses. In the popular movie, Runaway Bride, Julia is seen riding her horse alongside Richard Gere. However, this was not just for the movie! Both actors are passionate equestrians in their free time! 

As far back as early childhood, Julia Roberts has had a love for barrel racing that she continues to pursue today. Not only does Julia continue to ride her horses on her ranch in New Mexico, but she even filmed a documentary in Mongolia titled Wild Horses of Mongolia.

Kacey Musgraves

Embed from Getty Images

If there is one category of celebrity that you would assume would have a deep love for horses, it would be country singers. Kacey Musgraves is certainly no exception. In 2016, Kacey made a childhood dream come true when she purchased a beautiful horse named Mismo. Lovingly named for his constant temperament.

Kaley Cuoco

Best known for playing the role of Penny in Big Bang Theory, Kaley Cuoco is quite vocal about her love for riding. Kaley actively participates in the equine world, often competing in jumping competitions under a pseudonym for privacy. In September 2010, Kaley broke her leg in a horse-riding accident but didn’t let her injury dampen her love for horses. 

Kaley married Grand Prix rider, Karl Cook, in June 2018. Together they own several horses that often make appearances on her Instagram page.

Lady Gaga

In a love affair that began with a birthday gift from her record label, Lady Gaga remains passionate in her love for horses. In an interview with V Magazine, Lady Gaga spoke lovingly about her stallion named Trigger. She said, “When I ride him, it always makes me feel so powerful, because he is so powerful….Riding has forced me to be fearless pretty quickly.” 

Laura Prepon

Most well-known for her time on That 70’s Show and Orange Is The New Black, Laura Prepon purchased her first horse, an Andalusian named Jezebel, at the age of twenty-one. Laura also owned a ranch in Montana for five years. While she no longer owns her ranch, she escapes to Montana frequently and is often seen horseback riding.


While Madonna’s relationship with Guy Ritchie did not last, her love for horses that was developed during their time together remains unshakeable. Madonna has trained with several well-known equestrians including William Fox-Pitt and Daisy Trayford.

Unfortunately, Madonna’s love for riding was interrupted during an accident on an unfamiliar horse. After suffering eight broken bones, her managers were hesitant to allow her back in the saddle. However, her passion for riding eventually won. She spends her free time riding her horses in the Hamptons.

Mary-Kate Olsen

The Olsen twins have made a name for themselves in several circles, including the equestrian world! While Mary-Kate Olsen was vocal about her love for horses, it seemed to be a casual hobby. However, in 2014, Mary-Kate participated in the Hampton Classic Horse Show in which she rode a beautiful horse named Swagger. 

Martha Stewart

Like the Olsen twins, Martha Stewart has made a name for herself in many circles. Stewart owns five Canadian Friesian draft horses that reside at Cantitoe Corners, located in New York. Her beautiful property, which neighbors Ralph Lauren himself, features grazing paddocks complete with 100-year-old- wide cedar fencing, and four miles of carriage roadways.

Miley Cyrus

Embed from Getty Images

Growing up in Nashville, TN, it should come as no surprise that Miley Cyrus continues to enjoy riding. During her time on her Billy Ray Cyrus’ estate in Nashville, Miley developed a love for horses. As she matured into a successful adult, this passion did not diminish. In 2015, Miley purchased the Hidden Hills Equestrian Estate located outside of Los Angeles, CA. While she sold the equestrian estate in 2019, Miley currently owns property outside of Nashville, TN.

Over the years, Miley Cyrus has owned several horses including two horses that she owned with ex-husband Liam Hemsworth.  It is safe to say that a love for horses certainly runs deep in the Cyrus family as Miley’s sister, Noah Cyrus, is also passionate about riding.

Nicole Kidman

While many actresses can be seen casually riding horses into the sunset on film, Nicole Kidman chooses to take her love of horses to the next level. Owning several of her own horses, Nicole performed her own riding stunts in several films including Australia and Far and Away.

Shania Twain

Shania Twain once said, “I’ve always wanted to include horses in my life as much as possible. Once I was able to be around horses, I never wanted to stop…I’m living a dream by having them in my show.” I think that is a sentiment that resonates with us all. 

Because of her incredible love for horses, Shania Twain famously included them in her live show held at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas! During the promotion for this event, Shania was seen riding amongst a herd of forty horses down the Las Vegas streets – what a sight that must’ve been! In addition to her iconic Las Vegas performance, Shania Twain has been known to travel with her horse on several concert tours over the years.

Male Celebrities Who Ride Horses

While countless female celebrities are passionate equestrians, there are just as many male celebrities who frequently ride horses. Here are just a few of the most famous male celebrities who ride horses in their free time.

Bing Crosby

One of the most famous celebrities of all time is Bing Crosby. Bing Crosby was passionate about both riding and owning horses. In addition to the horses he kept on his private ranches, Bing Crosby was a founding partner of the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club, an endeavor he began in 1937. Crosby was often spotted next to the racetrack, a hobby he enjoyed well into his old age.

Brad Pitt

Embed from Getty Images

Brad Pitt has been known to ride horseback in several of his films. However, this is much more than a job for Pitt. In 2011, Brad Pitt purchased a horse and six Shetland ponies with the hope of introducing his family to his love for riding. Pitt has said he believes “riding is a great skill to have”. We couldn’t agree more!  

David Letterman

Once known for his late-night appearances as the host of the Late Show, David Letterman now lives a more peaceful lifestyle on his ranch in Montana. Letterman speaks fondly about his retirement in Montana. He has been seen riding on the streets of New York with other equine-loving celebrities such as Madonna and Harrison Ford.

Jamie Foxx

Perhaps one of the most unexpected names on this list of celebrities is Jamie Foxx! After receiving a beautiful chestnut gelding named Cheetah in 2009, Jamie’s love for horses was ignited. Jamie can be seen riding his horse Cheetah in the movie Django Unchained. Can you imagine anything better than “Bring Your Horse to Work Day”?!

Johnny Depp

Embed from Getty Images

Johnny Depp was introduced to a sweet one-eyed horse named Goldeneye while filming Sleepy Hollow. Little did he know that this interaction would change his life. After hearing that Goldeneye was going to be put down once filming was complete, Depp decided to adopt his equine co-star to save his life. 

Johnny Depp grew up in Kentucky and has a long history with horseback riding. He has starred in several movies where he has displayed his riding talents including The Lone Ranger, The Man Who Cried, and Dead Man, to name a few.

Morgan Freeman

Another surprising name on this list is Morgan Freeman! Freeman owned several quarter horses for over 30 years on his Mississippi farm, including his favorite, Sable. He considered riding to be a relaxing break from his career that often took him across the country or even the world. 

Patrick Swayze

Before his untimely passing in 2009, Patrick Swayze was known for his love for horses, Arabians in particular. Swayze’s involvement in the equine community was widespread from shows to breeding. Patrick Swayze resided in New Mexico, often participating in local shows. However, his love for horses encouraged him to earn a pilot’s license, enabling himself to fly to shows that were not near his home. 

Additionally, Swayze started his own breeding program with his stallion Tanman, hoping to carry on the beauty, health, and function of the Arabian breed.

Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney developed a love for horses at an early age. McCartney enjoys both horse ownership and riding. He has owned several horses over the years including an Appaloosa named Moonstar. McCartney famously owned a ranch outside of Tucson, AZ. Following the death of his wife Linda, McCartney spends less time at his Arizona ranch although he still visits from time to time. 

Richard Gere

A lover of the Appaloosa, Richard Gere has said that his love for horses first began on the set of the Broadway play, Killer’s Head. Gere has ridden on the set of several movies including Runaway Bride (alongside Julia Roberts), First Knight, I’m Not There, and Sommersby.

Richard Gere’s first horse was an Appaloosa named Drukpa. Gere is often found riding with his family in upstate New York where he now homes several horses.

Richard Hammond

While Richard Hammond is most well known for his part in Top Gear, he comes from a long line of equestrians. Richard owns several horses on his property, Bollitree Castle, which he purchased in October 2012. Richard can be seen chasing Jeremy Clarkson on horseback in Top Gear

Robert Redford

Famously known for his role as the ‘Kid’ in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Robert Redford developed a love for riding while on the set of this classic film. In fact, Redford even participated in a month-long trip on horseback that led him from Montana through Southern Utah.  

Russell Crowe

Embed from Getty Images

Russell Crowe has famously stated that horses are “just like people”. As equestrians, we understand that riding a horse bareback is quite the feat. After his appearance in Gladiator, in which he sat horseback quite often, it is easy to assume that Russell Crowe is a true equestrian. 

Russell Crowe has further involvement in the equestrian world both on and off-screen. Crowe built the stables that were used for the movie Australia and owns a ranch outside of Sydney named Nana Glen.

Viggo Mortensen

Most well-known for his role in Lord of The Rings, Viggo Mortensen is not only a skilled rider and horseman on screen but also in his real life. His character, Aragorn, spends lots of time on horseback throughout the Lord of The Rings series. Additionally, Mortensen played the lead role in a movie titled Hidalgo, a role that also required plenty of interaction with his equine co-star.

Hidalgo is one of the best horse movies ever made! You can get a complete list of great horse movies in our article 18 Greatest Horse Movies (Picked By An Equestrian.)

Viggo Mortensen developed such a strong bond with the horses he rode in both the Lord of The Rings trilogy and Hidalgo that he adopted three of the horses after filming was complete. In addition to his love for riding, Mortensen is passionate about advocating for wild mustang welfare. He published a book titled The Horse is Good which features beautiful photographs of horses in their natural element.

Horse Riders With Famous Parents

Not only are there countless celebrities that ride horses but there are also several children of famous parents that have made a name for themselves in the equine community. 

Destry Spielberg

Destry Spielberg, daughter of director Stephen Spielberg, has been an avid horse lover since childhood. Throughout her childhood, Destry competed in competitions and shows. She remains active in the equine community through her involvement with equine therapy charities.

Eve Jobs

Eve Jobs, daughter of Apple founder Steve Jobs, is highly competitive in the equestrian community. In 2019, Eve placed 2nd in the Grand Prix Winter Equestrian Festival. She continues to compete internationally although this is her highest achievement to date. Eve Jobs owns a barn in Wellington, FL where she continues to ride. 

Hannah Selleck

Hannah Selleck, daughter of actor Tom Selleck, owns a ranch in Southern California. Hannah rides at a Grand Prix level, coaching and competing for Burgundy Farm, also located in California. In addition to riding, Hannah actively represents Brooke USA, a horse and donkey welfare charity.

Jessica Springsteen

Jessica Springsteen, daughter of musician Bruce Springsteen, has had a love for riding since the early age of five. She remains competitive as a showjumper and actively participates in the Longines Global Champions Tour as a member of the Miami Celtics. 

Noah Cyrus

A love for horses certainly runs deep in the Cyrus family. Noah Cyrus, daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus and younger sister of Miley Cyrus, actively competed in the equestrian world throughout high school. Although she is now more actively pursuing her music career in the footsteps of her sister, Noah is often found relaxing on horseback. 

While this list is extensive, it is really only a glimpse into the many crossovers of the equine and celebrity worlds. Hopefully this list sparks your curiosity to discover more celebrities who ride for enjoyment, ride on screen, or perform their own riding stunts. 

Thanks for reading my list of horse-loving celebrities! I also have a list covering the best equestrian instagrammers to follow. You can check it out here!


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