Top 10 Equestrians To Follow On Instagram

Equestrian Accounts You Need to Follow on Instagram

We live in a day and age where we are able to understand horses and different training methods more than ever. Technology enables us to learn from other equestrians all around the world. There are many equestrian accounts on Instagram that provide great training advice and aspects to consider when it comes to working with your own horse.

In this article, I’ve listed some of my favorite equestrian Instagram accounts that are not only entertaining but also provide great advice for working with horses. Without further ado, here are my favorite top 10 equestrian Instagram accounts!



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@ahorsiegirl is the Instagram account of Amy Bowers, an eventer and professional Parelli trainer based in Colorado. Amy retrains off-the-track thoroughbreds using the Parelli Method and other horsemanship techniques.

Amy regularly displays the horses she is working with and her training as an eventer. I appreciate her use of groundwork and how it seems a foundation for her training. As someone familiar with the Parelli Method, I can recognize the techniques she uses and how effective she is with implementing them into her training.


@amanda_wilson_nz is not only one of the top riders in New Zealand but she also has an extensive background in working with wild horses. Her Instagram account is filled with pictures of adventures, showjumping, wild horses, and her awesome pony, Viking.

Amanda first became known by winning Pony of the Year with Viking. As someone who will always prefer ponies over horses, it’s nice knowing that there’s someone out there who understands why I like ponies so much! 😂


Benjamin Atkinson is a horse trainer based out of England. His family has been training horses for films and TV shows for decades, and he is an impressive liberty and trick trainer.

On his Instagram account, @ben_actionhorses, you’ll see him working with his team of horses, practicing team maneuvers and techniques. You’ll also see him roman riding and doing other crazy stunts. The thing I like most about his account is that he shares his processes and thoughts as he works with his horses.



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My kind of team sport! 😃 #liberty #romanriding #horsemanship #equestrian #teamariat #connemara

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@em_massingale is one of my favorite equestrians to follow. She works with a team of Connemaras to push the limits of what we think of horse training. The reason I recommend her account to people is that she uses her imagination when it comes to training her horses.

She thinks outside of the box and makes it a game for her horses to play. You can tell by watching her team that they all enjoy what they do! You can also follow her on Youtube here.


Time for a shameless plug. The Equine Helper website and Youtube channel are all about helping horse people find answers to their horsie questions. The @equinehelper Instagram account is all about my personal training with my own ponies and other horses that I work with.

I love sharing training techniques I’m researching and I keep people updated on my progress with my POA, Tucker. You may also catch a few memes in the Insta-story every now and then as well! 🙌



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My favourite trick – classical bow or plié. 🧘 It’s so elegant and very beneficial for the horse. I haven’t got around to teach the young boys this yet, gotta get started with that! The first part is “parking out”; asking the horse to step forward with the front legs to create more space between front and back. From that position it’s easier to ask the horse to bow. I always reward where I want my horse’s head to be – in between the front legs, NOT under the belly. ⁣ Does your horse know this trick? ⁣ #connemarapony #connemara #connemaraponny #connemarasofinstagram #connemarasdoitall #libertytraining #libertyhorse #libertydressage #groundwork #frihetsdressyr #tricktraining #trickträning #trickträninghäst #instahorse #horsesofinstagram #horsesoninstagram #equestrianlife #equestrian #horsestagram

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@horsebalance is the Instagram account for Swedish horse trainer, Norah Kohle. In this account, you’ll see Norah mix her psychology eduction with liberty work to thoroughly communicate with her horses. Trained in classical dressage, she shares her training techniques as she works with her horses. Her photos are also wonderfully edited and the feed reminds you of something magical.


I’ve always dreamed of travelling around the world and learning about different horse breeds; this is one of the reasons I love @naturalhorsemanshipindia. Through their Instagram account, I’m able to witness their work with Marawari horses and catch a glimpse of what it’s like working with horses in India.

Run by husband and wife team Manjeev and Charlotte, Natural Horsemanship India advocates for humane care and treatment of horses by using natural horsemanship methods.



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Saturday feeling be like… 🌿💥 Riding a young horse bridleless in the cross country is possible only with a great communication between the horse and the rider. The very first step towards it is to give up your ego and start listening to your horse. They have much more to say then we think. Partnership has to be based on love. . . . . . A w sobotę czujemy się tak… 🌿💥 Cross na młodym koniu bez ogłowia to przeżycie możliwe tylko przy świetnej komunikacji pomiędzy koniem a jego jeźdźcem. Pierwszym krokiem do takiej komunikacji jest słuchanie swojego konia. One mają do powiedzenia więcej niż nam się wydaje! A partnerstwo musi się opierać na miłości. A przy okazji! Jeśli ktoś z Was jest zainteresowany kilkudniowymi warsztatami ze mną to piszcie w wiadomości prywatnej. We wtorek więcej szczegółów! 🌿

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Many horseback riders wouldn’t even dream of galloping their horse through a cross-country course bridleless, but then there’s @natural_eventing_rider.

The Instagram account of a Polish rider named Alexa, Natural Eventing Rider blends eventing with natural horsemanship. Alexa shared great thought processes and training tips on how she works with her horses. This account also pushes me to dream big and think outside of the box!


Want to follow one of the biggest horse trainers in the entertainment world? Check out @stevedentstunts! Steve Dent has been in the entertainment industry for decades, training and providing horses for movies like Sleepy Hollow, Stardust, and Warhorse.

He’s also worked on more recent projects on Netflix like Free Rein and Cursed. On his Instagram account, you can get the behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like to work with horses on a movie set.


@wallaceeventing is the Instagram account for Elisa Wallace, a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to the horse world. Not only is she a 5-star three-day eventer, but she also advocates for Mustang adoption by competing in mustang makeovers each year.

Through her Instagram and Youtube channel, you can see her giftings at working with young horses, both untamed mustangs and OTTB’s, and bringing them up through the levels of eventing. She frequently records her progress with her horses so her audience can go on the experience with her.

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