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Gifts You Should Buy for a Horse Owner

I consider horse owners some of the easiest people to shop for; all their wants, wish lists, and needs oftentimes revolve around their horses. And the good news is that there are a plethora of items that are needed to adequately care for and ride a horse.

My list of best gift ideas for horse owners includes:

I’ve owned horses for the last 12 years and I can testify that the gifts on this list will make an equestrian’s life a little easier…or at least more entertaining! Down below, I’ll share links to specific products, making shopping easy! I have divided this list into three different categories: comfort gifts, practical gifts, and fun gifts.

Category #1 Best Gifts for Horse Owners: Comfort Gifts

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about gift-giving, even when it applies to non-equestrians, is that you can’t go wrong with comfort. People love gifts that are warm and fuzzy and help them relax. If I ever can’t think of a gift idea for someone, I always opt for a fuzzy bathrobe and slippers or a warm fleece blanket. In this article, I’m applying this concept to horse owners!

Turnhier Horseback Riding Tights

Riding tights are the latest trend, but there’s a reason why. They feel comfortable and flexible like leggings and usually include a side pocket that makes it easy to carry your phone as you ride. I like this pair by Turnhier because of the grippy full seat that enables you to feel more secure in the saddle.

Reasons You Should Consider Riding Tights as a Gift

  • reasonably priced compared to other riding breeches and jodhpurs
  • comfortable and form-fitting for riding and doing barn chores
  • side pocket is convenient for equestrians carrying their phone
  • can easily pass as exercise leggings when out in public

What People Are Saying About the Turnhier Horseback Riding Tights:

“I love these pants! I was hesitant at the price (I am used to spending way to much on riding pants) but they are just like wearing leggings! The seat grip is fantastic and stayed in place throughout my whole ride! Will definitely get more!” – Thompson

“Love the fit of these riding tights. Used to school in and for regular rides and they’ve held up great. The grip on them is not the strongest and did slightly diminish after the first ride, but it has stayed the same since. These are also very flattering for me whereas other tights/regular breeches have felt somewhat bulky due to rear pockets or odd material. Definitely recommend for schooling or just to ride in the arena/outdoors!” – H.W.

You can purchase the Turnhier Horseback Riding Tights here on Amazon.

Hisea Waterproof and Insulated Barn Boots

As long as I’ve had horses, I have struggled to find adequate winter muck boots that keep my feet warm as well as dry. I was given these Hisea Barn Boots last year and was finally satisfied. They are a very reasonable price if you are on a tighter budget. One of my favorite aspects about these boots is that they are flexible enough to pull over a wool-socked foot without trouble. I also like how lightweight they are; I find that other barn boots are often heavy and hard to walk in.

Reasons You Should Consider Weatherproof Muck Boots as a Gift

  • Nothing is worse than having wet feet and frozen toes
  • Horse owners spend a lot of time in the mud and snow
  • Normal paddock boots cannot withstand the winter elements
  • Normal paddock boots do not have adequate treading to handle ice

What People Are Saying About the Hisea Waterproof and Insulated Barn Boots:

“I was standing in about 8 inches of water in my yard yesterday but it isn’t letting me for some reason! But my feet stayed dry! They are super comfortable and even cuter! Everyone that has seen them has complimented them! Please try a pair before you spend $100s on others! ” – C. Brummett

“Naturally I thought the boot was a nice barn boot but now that subzero temps are here, I cannot believe the difference between my old boots and these new ones. They are so lightweight I assumed they would just keep my feet dry, but oh no!!!! When I put my foot inside I immediately felt the warmth. It was incredible.” – Deb

Purchase the Hisea Waterproof and Insulated Barn Boots on Amazon here.

MOERDENG Waterproof Ski Jacket

You know how people love to be comfortable and warm? Well, equestrians do too, except they often have to sacrifice their warmth when it’s time to ride. For this reason, a good winter coat for riding is a must-have for gift ideas. This ski jacket by MOERDENG doubles perfectly as a riding coat. It’s waterproof and insulated with a fuzzy lining. It’s also less bulky than many winter coats, making it flexible enough to be comfortable when riding.

Reasons You Should Consider a Winter Horseback Riding Coat as a Gift

  • It’s hard to find a good winter riding coat
  • Winter riding lessons and training will be more enjoyable

What People Are Saying About the MOERDENG Waterproof Ski Jacket:

“Wow! Received earlier today. Strong zippers. Plush lining. Got the black and in the cold rain, there were no issues.” – J. Cimino

“Wow!! I am very impressed with this jacket, especially for the price!! It fits wonderful and such great quality heck yeah! It’s warm and soft inside! If you are going to layer I suggest sizing up one size, I love the fit and it’s non-restrictive in the armpits like a lot of coats which is a huge peeve of mine. I need that movement to work.” – K. Black

Purchase the MOERDENG Waterproof Ski Jacket on Amazon here.

Heritage Winter Trail Glove

Another must-have that is hard to find for horse owners is warm winter riding gloves. You may be wondering why I’ve put an emphasis on winter attire, and the reason for this is being cold is MISERABLE. If you can get your equestrian loved one a gift that will help them stay warm at the barn, it will definitely get used. These Heritage Winter Riding Gloves are some of the most durable and warm riding gloves you will find that are flexible enough to enable you to hold the reins correctly.

Reasons You Should Consider Winter Horseback Riding Gloves as a Gift

  • It’s hard to find good winter riding gloves
  • Winter riding lessons and training will be more enjoyable

What People Are Saying About the Heritage Winter Trail Gloves:

“Back for my third pair! The index and middle fingers of my first pair are pretty shot after 5 horse-farm winters, but the gloves are still hanging in there (the left one spent 6 months in the back pasture after falling out of my pocket; found it during spring bush-hogging, LOL).” – K.C.

“Horseback riders in cold climates, you NEED these gloves. Seriously, these are the best thing ever.” – B. Yingling

Purchase the Heritage Winter Trail Glove on Amazon here.

Haven Bath Pillow

My last item on the comfort list is a bath pillow. Hear me out on this one; there’s nothing like coming home after a long day at the barn and relaxing in the bath. Just about every equestrian I know loves taking baths. For this reason, the Haven Bath Pillow has made my list.

Reasons You Should Consider a Bath Pillow as a Gift

  • Equestrians love taking baths
  • A bath pillow will enhance the bath experience and provide extra comfort

What People Are Saying About the Haven Bath Pillow:

“Very comfortable, which I expected. But I thought since it is partially immersed that the water would seep up the pillow and get my hair wet where it rested on the pillow. But it did not. My hair was perfectly dry after a long bath. Very pleased! Also, I have only about a 1-1/2 inch ledge on the back of my tub before it flushes with the wall. This pillow still works because of the multiple suction cups.” – Y. Huffman

“First of all I have tried so many bath pillows and they all were a disappointment. From mildew growing from tearing just junk. Because of the reviews, I was willing to give it a try. I was a little apprehensive due to the price. I took the plunge and I’m glad I did. I love this pillow. ” – E. Shervington

Purchase the Haven Bath Pillow on Amazon here.

Category #2 Best Gifts for Horse Owners: Practical Gifts

Taking care of a horse is a lot of work! Horse owners would greatly value a gift that makes their lives easier or, at the least, makes their horses look nicer. This section of gifts is dedicated to items practical for horse owners and for everyday use.


The struggle is real for horseback riders trying to get footage of themselves riding. Either we have to nag someone to come out and film us ride or we have to find a way to balance our phone on the fence and record as we pass by. The PIVO pod is a practical gift any horseback rider would love to have.

The PIVO pod is a device that can sit on top of a fence post, jump standard, or tripod. You place your cell phone on the device and then sync the pod with an app on your phone. Through the video app, the PIVO pod will somehow track your horse 360° to capture footage of you riding. It’s wild and it works! I recently acquired one of these and I love having it on hang when I go to ride.

Reasons You Should Consider a PIVO Pod as a Gift

  • Enables horseback riders to film themselves riding without needing another person
  • Small and easy to use
  • Can be used to film online lessons or riding classes

What People Are Saying About the PIVO Pod:

“I love my PIVO. I use it every time I ride at home. It’s easy to set up and use.” – C. Johnson

“As a former Soloshot user, I’m very happy with the price point and quality of the Pivo for filming my equestrian pursuits. I use it almost every day with no major issues.” – Sara C.

“Pivo has helped me so much watch back and review my riding. Though it wouldn’t be half as good with the customer support they ensure you get the most out of your pod!” – T. Silverio

You can get $20 off your PIVO order by clicking here and using code CARMELLA20. 

Mr. Boot Cleaner

A constant struggle that horse owners have is tracking mud into their houses or cars from the barn. The boot contraption by Mr. Boot Cleaner is an inexpensive gift that is worth its weight in gold for horse owners. Before entering your car or house, simply brush your boots back and forth through the boot cleaner contraption to remove mud, snow, or sand!

Reasons You Should Consider a Mr. Boot Cleaner as a Gift

  • Reasonably priced
  • Easy and quick to use
  • It will go a long way in keeping cars and houses clean
  • Horse owners need something like this year-round

What People Are Saying About the Mr. Boot Cleaner:

“The bristles are sturdy and designed to clean even deep boot treads. The side bristles reach well over two inches up the side of the boot and cleans places where a flat scraper will not reach. This is well made and heavy-duty, and I have no doubt we will receive years of service from this boot scraper/cleaner.” – Patti

“I mounted this into the cement pad at the bottom of my back deck stairs using oversized concrete anchors. I’ve had it for about 4 months and use it multiple times daily to remove dirt, mud, chicken poop, etc. it works great. I hose it off every once in a while and it’s good to go. If you have these conditions around your place, you can’t go wrong with this boot cleaner” – Lisa

You can purchase the Mr. Boot Cleaner on Amazon here.

Equine First Aid Kit

You may be wondering who would get someone a first aid kit as a gift? Believe it or not, an equine first aid kit is a great gift for horse owners. Horses tend to be accident-prone, and as a horse owner, you can never have enough first aid supplies. We can also use this in the barn, or get another first aid kit to keep in the trailer for traveling.

Reasons You Should Consider an Equine First Aid Kit as a Gift

  • Horses are accident-prone
  • It will give horse owners peace of mind knowing they have first aid supplies
  • Can be used in many different situations; at the barn, traveling, at competitions, etc.

You can purchase an Equine First Aid Kit here on Amazon.

Professional’s Choice Equine Door Caddy

Horse owners have a lot of supplies that tend to get disorganized over time. Any gift designed to help with an equestrian’s organization of the barn, tack locker, or horse trailer is beneficial. The door caddy by Professional’s Choice is designed to hang on a horse trailer door, the door to the tack room, or the door to a tack locker. There are many storage compartments of different sizes for easy placement and sorting.

Reasons You Should Consider Professional’s Choice Equine Door Caddy as a Gift

  • Horse owners have a lot of supplies they need to organize
  • The door caddy can be used in a tack room, horse trailer, or tack locker

What People Are Saying About Professional’s Choice Equine Door Caddy:

“It arrived quickly, mounted to the back door of my trailer easily. It helped me organize my fly spray, show sheen, shampoo, conditioner, iodine wash, leg wraps, scissors, clippers, clipping blades, bandages, emergency kit, tack cleaner, rags, etc. Stayed put while traveling and was right there with what I needed when I opened the doors. It also will detach from the back of the door so I can store it in my heated tack room in the winter, or take it into my horse’s stall at a clinic and mount it on the door! Great item!” – F. Phil

“I was very happy with this product, easy to install, lots of pockets, and very sturdy material.” – M. Smith

You can purchase the Professional’s Choice Door Caddy on Amazon here.

Harrison Howard Premium Waterproof Saddle Cover

Saddles are expensive pieces of equipment that can be easily damaged by the elements. If you want to get a practical gift for your equestrian friend, consider this saddle cover by Harrison Howard. The outside of the cover is waterproof while the inside is fleece-lined, protecting the saddle from scratches and dust. The saddle cover also has a tight fit to ensure no moisture can get to the saddle.

Reasons You Should Consider the Harrison Howard Premium Waterproof Saddle Cover as a Gift

  • Protects one of the most expensive pieces of riding equipment
  • Reasonably priced

What People Are Saying About the Harrison Howard Premium Waterproof Saddle Cover:

“I absolutely love this saddle cover! It’s durable and so classy looking! I have a 16.5in N2 Saddlery Cardhu dressage saddle and it fits over it with room to spare. It has elastic drawstrings at the front to make it tighter or looser if need be. I love that my girth stays secure on top of it and my very favorite part is the slots for my stirrup leathers to fit through at the bottoms. It’s the perfect saddle cover!” – M.

“Withstands heavy dust and dirt, as well as light rain; easy to pull on and off; elastic conforms to the shape of my Hulsebos saddle and doesn’t budge. Girth holder is a nice, and useful touch.” – K. Kat

Purchase the Harrison Howard Premium Waterproof Saddle Cover here on Amazon.

Tack Shack of Ocala Leather Halter

Leather halters a beloved and valuable to equestrians. Maybe it’s because these halters make their horses look fancier. For whatever reason, you can not go wrong with getting a leather halter for your equestrian friend. The leather halter from the Tack Shack of Ocala is well-made and also includes a customized name plate for the horse. It’s also offered at a reasonable price compared to other leather halters I have seen. Just make sure you get the right size!

Reasons You Should Consider the Tack Shack of Ocala Leather Halter as a Gift

  • Equestrians love leather halters
  • Reasonably priced for a leather halter
  • It will make a horse look fancier

What People Are Saying About the Tack Shack of Ocala Leather Halters:

“I ordered this halter, with a personalized name plate for our pony. The leather is gorgeous, the brass hardware is beautiful too. I ordered the cob size, my pony is a large, border on a small horse. Fits her perfectly and she is very comfortable in it. The engraving is perfect and appears very durable! It looks STUNNING on our buckskin pinto mare. Besides all of that, it came earlier than expected! Highly recommend the Tack Shack of Ocala!” – M.

“I cannot find anything negative to say!! It’s an awesome halter! The nameplate was perfect, and shipping was lightning fast!!” – J. Zehler

You can purchase the Tack Shack of Ocala Leather Halter here on Amazon.

Category #3 Best Gifts for Horse Owners: Fun Gifts

Now for the fun gifts! Horse and rider create a bond like no other; the next gifts on my list provide horse and rider with opportunities to have fun together! Fun horse gifts also lead to more entertainment as well. While the horse gets to play, the rider gets to watch and laugh.

Woiworco Horse Treat Ball

The Woiworco Horse Treat Ball is designed to entertain your horse by hanging it and filling it with hay, carrots, and treats. You can hang it in a horse’s stall or run-in shed and the toy will swing back and forth as the horse tries to pull out the food. Toys like this are also great for horses that may deal with stress or anxiety when trailering or in a stall. The toy gets them to focus on trying to get the food rather than on why they are so worried.

Reasons You Should Consider the Woiworco Horse Treat Ball as a Gift

  • Reasonably priced
  • Entertaining for the horse by using food
  • Can help horses dealing with stress

What People Are Saying About the Woiworco Horse Treat Ball:

“Even when there’s hay available my horse seems to enjoy playing with this when I fill it up. Sometimes I surprise her with small pieces of carrot or cookies in with the hay too.” – R. Piedra

“Our horse loves his toy!” – C. Fleming

Purchase the Woiworco Horse Treat Ball here on Amazon.

Race & Herd Horse Ball and Cover

If you know someone who wants to teach their horse to target an object, the horse ball by Race & Herd is a great gift! I have a gelding who loves to play, and he will actively run and push any type of ball I put in his pasture. Not every horse is like that, but if that’s the case, someone can always use the ball for desensitizing. One thing to note is that these balls, from any brand, are no match when it comes to a 1000-lb animal. They are known to get destroyed easily. Putting the cover on the ball will make it last longer. This package from Race & Herd includes the ball cover.

Reasons You Should Consider the Race & Herd Horse Ball and Cover as a Gift

  • Can be used for training purposes
  • Horses may play with it

Purchase the Race & Herd Ball and Cover from Amazon here.

Horse Jumps and Obstacles

Adding a new horse jump or obstacle to the arena can be fun and challenging for the horse and rider. Whether it’s a jump, a barrel set, or a trail obstacle, horse owners usually won’t buy these themselves…but they want them. Below, I include a list of links to particular items your equestrian friend may be interested in.

I hope this article is helpful to you in finding gifts for your equestrian loved ones and friends! For more gift ideas, check out these articles:

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