FitsT4 Riding Breeches: Honest Product Review

Should You Buy the FitsT4 Riding Breeches?

I am what many would call a “budget equestrian.” I buy all of my horses unbroke, so I don’t have to pay the price tag of a trained horse. I purchase all of my tack used on Facebook Marketplace or through a used tack store. All that said, I will treat myself to something new once in a blue moon. Even then, I try to find reasonably priced yet quality items. My latest buy was the FitsT4 Riding Breeches.

What is a reasonably priced yet quality pair of riding breeches? The FitsT4 Riding Breeches range from $30 to $39 on Amazon. They are riding leggings with a silicone full seat. They are lightweight, fitted material, and have a phone pocket on either leg.

Read on to learn what I liked and didn’t like about this product!

Pros of the FitsT4 Riding Breeches

Overall, I really enjoy these riding breeches. While there are a few things I would change about them, let’s start with the positives:

True to Size

First and foremost, based on the sizing chart, I found that the breeches run true to size. Finding riding clothes has always been a struggle for me, as I have some weird proportions. That said, I ordered a small size that fit like a glove. The pants are stretchy, so there is some wiggle room if your measurements fall somewhere in the middle, like mine.

Lightweight, But not Compressing

In fact, these riding breeches are so stretchy, that you don’t really ever feel uncomfortable in them. I’ve had riding leggings that are so compressing that I feel like they cut off my circulation to my legs if I wear them long enough. Some people like to be squeezed. I do not. I like to be tucked but not squeezed. The FitsT4 Riding Breeches tuck; they don’t squeeze.

The material is also lightweight and breathable, making it the perfect choice for hot-weather riding. While with some other brands of riding leggings, I have to peel them off, damp with sweat, and these glide off and stay dry.

Silicone Grippy Full Seat

I love the silicone grips the full seat uses on the FitsT4 Riding Breeches. Firstly, the grips are in the shape of horseshoes. Secondly, they are not so grippy that you feel like you can’t move in the saddle, but they are grippy enough to make you feel more secure.

Belt Loops

I know these are riding leggings, so they will likely be used for more relaxed occasions, like riding at home or out on a trail ride; however, they do appear a bit more classy than your normal riding leggings.

The belt loops around the waist make these riding leggings look more like riding breeches. Slap on a belt and put on a pair of tall boots, and you could probably wear these pants to a low-key show.

Do you want to purchase the FitsT4 Riding Breeches on Amazon? Click here.

Cons of the FitsT4 Riding Breeches

While I do love these riding pants, there are just a few things I would change if I could:

Phone Pocket is Shallow

While this may not be a big deal to other riders, the phone pockets on the thighs are shallow. I have the iPhone 15, which is a decent size, and it fits great in the pocket; however, if you had a larger phone, I may feel like it would fall out of the pocket. I haven’t had a problem with my phone coming out of my pocket, and I’ve been riding in these breeches for about a month now, but just something to consider if you’re phone is more like a small tablet.

Light-Colored Pairs May Be See-Through

My favorite features of the FitsT4 riding pants are their breathability and elasticity. My one concern is that the lighter-colored pairs have the potential to be see-through. I bought the black pair and had no problem; I even stood under fluorescent lights to check! That said, the leggings are thin, so it may be safer to go with a darker pair.

What People Are Saying About the FitsT4 Riding Breeches

You’ve read my opinion; what are other’s saying?

I am absolutely impressed with these riding tights! I was very skeptical about them but after reading a few reviews and the product information I decided to give it a try I mean for 35 dollars for full seat riding tights I was willing to take the chance on them. I will definitely be ordering a few more pairs at this price point and the quality is fabulous. They fit perfectly and are incredibly comfortable and move with you in the saddle. As a jumper it’s highly important to me to that my riding breeches have good grip in the saddle and these definitely have the sticky grip I look for in a riding breech they may almost be a little too sticky. I have rode in these the last 2 days in a row in 90+ degree temps and they are definitely cool and don’t make me sweat while keeping me comfortable and secure in my saddle while taking on large complicated cross country jumps. They are also very flattering too and look and feel very nice. I’m my opinion these on the same level of quality and function as my high end brand riding tights! I highly recommend to anyone looking for a good quality affordable priced light weight summer riding tights!” – Ashley J.

I typically spend 2 to 4 hours a day in the saddle and I’m riding everything from bomb proof trail horses to youngsters with less than 45 days under saddle. It’s also seriously hot this summer – we’re on our 15th consecutive day of 104 degrees or higher. Blue jeans and heavy riding pants just aren’t a realistic option.

These tights are thick enough to not be revealing, but thin enough to be cool and comfortable in the saddle or doing barn chores. The full seat definitely grips in both an English or Western saddle – especially useful with young horses that might be feeling extra fresh. The ankles are designed for tall boots and the pants stay put – no twisting or riding up inside my boots. I like them enough that I ordered two more pairs in other colors.” – D & H

Love these britches – I waited to review and now feel it’s necessary. I loved them so much I had to get a pair in each colour! Anyone saying these won’t last – I disagree! I’m 5’4” 130lbs wearing a medium, purchased these for the first time well over a year ago & was riding 5d/wk in them. After cold washing and hanging to dry with no fabric softener – they have all lasted looking fantastic going into a second winter!

The summer material is on the thinner side, a cool awesome option in the summer heat.
Noteworthy: These are not a rugged pair of britches, they do not compare to a pair of wranglers so let’s not compare apples to oranges – if you need leg protection when riding these are not for you!

These are a comfortable lightweight pair of daily training britches that will last if you’re not a train wreck in the barn – they survived me riding 5d/wk and still look great! They did pill a bit at where my boot meets the seam but only at the top of the boot line, they remain so comfy! Love the wide elastic waist & the belt loops, and pockets are deep to hold my epi pen and phone.” – H.

Another pair of riding pants I recommend is Ovation’s Women’s Euro Melange Full Seat Cotton Breeches. To learn more about these pants, check out my article, Ovation Breeches Review: Everything You Should Know.

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