10 Useful Horse Gifts Every Equestrian Could Use

The world of horses is constantly being updated with useful new products. The best practical horse gifts are the ones that aren’t entirely necessary but make the life of the person you’re shopping for easier.

As someone that spends much of my time working with horses, here are the 10 useful and practical horse gifts that I recommend:

Shoe Wiper 

If you’ve spent much time around horses, you’ll know that mud is a big part of your life! Seriously, I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve had to clean out my car because of all the mud from my boots.

An easy solution to the mud issue in my life would be a boot scraper. A boot scraper has brushes on the side and bottom that make it easy for you to just put your foot in and scrape away the muck from that day. This boot scraper from Amazon would be a much welcome surprise for any horse owner.

If you’re looking for another solution to the same issue, you might also consider a pair of muck boots. Muck boots are tall waterproof boots that are great for working outside in all types of weather. You can check out my favorite pair on Amazon here. 

Saddle Bags 

For anyone that goes on longer horseback rides, having a good set of saddlebags can be really useful. They allow you to keep some basic first aid items, your phone, and some water close at hand.

While it might be a tempting option for some riders to just ride wearing a backpack or waist pouch, this isn’t something I recommend. Any extra straps attached to a rider increase the risk of getting snagged in the tack on your horse.

Here’s my personal favorite saddle bag on Amazon.

Apple Watch

Okay, while I admit this is one of the pricier gifts, it’s something that actually would be incredibly useful. I often go on long rides and have to figure out a way to bring my large iPhone Plus, which my husband frequently refers to as “the brick.”

The obvious benefit of a smartwatch for horseback riding is its size. It’s incredibly small, and if you get one with cellular data, it can be a replacement for your phone. An added bonus is that the newest models are waterproof. It would also be fun to track how far you ride each time you go out.

You can check out the price for the latest Apple Watch here (link to Amazon.)

Riding Boot Socks

Just as important as a great pair of riding boots is the right pair of socks to go along with them. Good riding socks are an incredibly useful gift that anyone who rides a lot will appreciate.

When purchasing riding socks, you want to find socks that are reinforced so that they won’t wear out quickly, and make sure that they’re a nice snug fit so that they won’t constantly be slipping down.

My two favorites are the C4 Equestrian Knee Socks (link to price on Amazon,) and TuffRider Riding Socks (link to price on Amazon.) Either of these will make a great addition to any horseback rider’s wardrobe.

A Horse Blanket

At one point or another, the majority of horse owners will face really cold weather where they’ll need a blanket to offer extra protection for their horse. This horse blanket from Derby Originals (link to check price on Amazon) is my top pick. It will keep a horse warm even in sub-zero temperatures and has adjustable straps so you can always get the right fit.

There’s actually a lot that goes into taking care of a horse in the winter, so I put together a winter horse care guide that you can check out here.

Grooming Kit

Guide to bonding with a horse

Next on the list is a horse grooming kit. Every good horse owner takes pride in the appearance of their horse, and a grooming kit comes equipped with all of the essential tools that you need in order to maintain a horse’s appearance.

This horse grooming kit from Amazon comes at a reasonable price and includes a nice bag for carrying the tools around.

Horse Trailer Cover

If you or the equestrian you’re shopping for own a horse trailer, you’ll want to keep it looking nice for competitions and other riding outings. The best way to keep it in good shape is by using a trailer cover. If you know that you won’t be using it for a couple of months, it makes sense to put one of these over it.

In addition, if you ever decide to sell it in order to upgrade to a new trailer, you’ll be able to get a better price for it if it’s well taken care of. Here is my recommended Bumper Pull Trailer Cover (link to price on Amazon) and Goose Neck Trailer Cover (link to Amazon.) 

Folding Saddle Rack

Saddles can become warped when they aren’t stored correctly, so most horse owners utilize saddle stand. The issue with the majority of saddle stands is their size. They can be difficult to bring with you places because they aren’t easily stored.

A solution for this issue is a folding saddle rack like this one (link to price on Amazon.)

Hay Net

Hay nets make a great practical gift for a horse owner for several reasons. First, they can greatly reduce the amount of mess in a horse’s stall because they contain the hay to a central location. Second, they force horses to eat slower, meaning they’ll stay entertained longer if you put their hay in a hay net as you travel. Here’s my favorite hay net option from Amazon.

Horse First Aid Kit

A fully stocked horse first aid kit is something that every horse owner should have nearby. You never know when small medical issues will arise that you’ll need to quickly address.

Here’s a ready-made horse first aid kit that you can buy from Amazon.

You can return to all of my recommended products by going here. If you’re looking for horseback riding tips, you can check out my latest articles here.


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