Top 10 Horse Colleges In the US for Equestrians

Best Colleges for Equestrians in the United States

There are so many factors to consider when you are choosing which college to attend. While not every career in the equine world requires a specialized degree, holding a degree from one of the well-known horse colleges in the US can provide incredible opportunities! 

So, what are the top 10 horse colleges in the United States for equestrians? The best horse colleges in the United States include (in no particular order):

  • Emory & Henry College
  • Berry College
  • Centenary University
  • Alfred University
  • Murray State University
  • Cazenovia College
  • Auburn University
  • Albion College
  • University of Kentucky in Lexington
  • St. Andrews University

As an equestrian, there will be many aspects of your college experience that are unique to more traditional careers. In your search for the perfect college, you will need to consider things such as competition opportunities, boarding options, facility size, and of course your specialized degree. We have compiled some basic information regarding some of the best horse colleges to help guide you in this important decision!

1. Emory & Henry College – Emory & Henry Equine Center

Located in Emory Virginia, Emory & Henry College is one of the most well-known horse colleges. Students can direct their studies towards a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science in Equine Studies depending on their career intentions. Additionally, Emory & Henry College offers a minor in equine-assisted learning. 

Emory & Henry is known for their accomplished equestrian program that operates out of the Emory & Henry Equine Center. Since 2001, the program has accumulated over 20 national championships. They have a variety of opportunities for growth and competition including an IDA dressage team, IHSA hunt seat team, a full cross-country course and USA Equestrian-regulation jumps.

Speaking of facilities, horse lovers will enjoy riding in the 120-acre riding center complete with both indoor and outdoor arena. Additionally, Emory & Henry College boasts 10 one-acre paddocks as well as 75 stalls for boarding purposes. 

You can learn more about Emory & Henry College here.

2. Berry College – Gunby Equine Center

Berry College, located in Rome Georgia, offers courses in equine science and management. These courses are included in their animal science program that operates out of the Gunby Equine Center. Berry College provides plenty of opportunities for competition with a western equestrian team, hunt seat team, and more.

Students pursuing equine science will spend a majority of their time in the Gunby Equine Center. Within their state-of-the-art riding arena, you will find generous seating for up to 400 spectators as well as several classrooms for daily studies. 

Not only is the equine center surrounded by miles of mountain trails for riding, but it also includes multiple buildings, indoor and outdoor arenas, two round pens, and 64 stalls for boarding purposes. Additionally, Berry College has over 180 acres of pasture land.

Want to learn more about Berry College? You can visit their website here.

3. Centenary University – Centenary University Equestrian Center

Located in New Jersey, Centenary University offers several paths of study including a Bachelor of Science in Equine Studies. Participants in this degree will select a concentration for their studies including riding instruction and training, equine business management, equine industry communication, and equine science. 

Centenary University is one of the most well-known horse colleges, allowing students to participate in an IDA dressage team, hunt seat team, hunter/jumper team, or Western IHSA team. The Centenary University Equestrian Center features three impressive indoor arenas, 60 stalls, 12 paddocks, three barns, and a unique natural-terrain hunt field.

Click here to learn more about Centenary University.

4. Alfred University – Bromeley-Daggett Equestrian Center

Alfred University offers a degree in equine business management and three minors that can be combined with any of their majors. The equestrian studies minors at Alfred University include Equine Studies, Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy, and Equine Business Management.

Located in Alfred, New York, students spend most of their time in the Bromeley-Daggett Equestrian Center at Maris Cuneo Equine Park. This state-of-the-art facility is over 400-acres and features an indoor area, outdoor arenas, 50 stalls for boarding, and 40 acres of pasture. Students can choose to participate in activities such as English riding, Western riding, draft horse driving, hunt seat team, or IHSA Western team. 

Learn more about Alfred University here.

5. Murray State University – Murray State University Equine Center

Murray State University is located in Murray Kentucky and offers a great animal science program. Participants in this program can choose an emphasis on equine science or equine management. The Murray State University Equine Center features multiple barns, indoor and outdoor arenas, and several pasture spaces. 

Students will spend their time in the Murray State University Equine Center in one of the many classrooms, or the hands-on areas studying equine management, nutrition, reproduction, or exercise physiology. One of the most unique aspects of Murray State University is its in-house breeding program. For students interested in competition, Murray State University has four show teams and participates in IHSA hunt seat and Western team competitions. 

If you want to know more about Murray State University, visit their website here.

6. Cazenovia College – Equine Education Center

Located in Cazenovia, New York, Cazenovia College constantly ranks as one of the best small colleges in America! Its equestrian program is certainly no exception. Students at Cazenovia College can earn a degree in equine business management. This course of study offers education for equestrians who are interested in the organizational aspects of the equine industry such as management but also caters to those interested in breeding and stable management.

Cazenovia College operates its equine studies program out of its Equine Education Center, a 240-acre facility featuring indoor and outdoor arenas, paddocks, and over 70 stalls. Equestrians passionate about competition will be excited to learn that Cazenovia College also has an intercollegiate equestrian team that has earned national rankings! 

Learn more about Cazenovia College here.

7. Auburn University – Auburn University Equestrian Center

Perhaps not one of the first colleges that come to mind when considering equine studies, Auburn University features a six-time NCEA national champion equestrian team! Located in Auburn, Alabama, Auburn University offers a variety of study paths including majors and minors in Equine Science and Pre-Veterinary studies. 

The Auburn University Equestrian Center not only houses classrooms, arenas, take rooms, laboratories, and offices but also houses their breeding program. Alabama’s consistent climate allows students to enjoy outdoor riding virtually year-round. In addition to Auburn University’s NCEA team, they also have an IHSA team as well as several other opportunities for competition.

If you’re interested in learning more about Auburn University, click here.

8. Colorado State University – B.W. Pickett Equine Center

For students hoping to stay in the Western portion of the United States, Colorado State University offers a tremendous equine program. Students can pursue a Bachelor of Science in Equine Science along with several other animal science courses. Colorado State University offers some of the most diverse riding and competition opportunities including rodeo, polo, ranch horse versatility, English riding, and Western riding. 

Students at Colorado State University will spend the majority of their time in the B.W. Pickett Equine Center, a beautiful facility featuring a reproduction laboratory, indoor and outdoor arenas, trails, pastures, classrooms, and more. 

You can learn more about Colorado State University here.

9. University of Kentucky – Maine Chance Equine Campus

In the heart of horse country, it is no surprise that the University of Kentucky in Lexington is among the best horse colleges in the US. The UK Agriculture Equine Programs offer students an extensive selection of equine studies including a Bachelor of Science in Equine Science and Management. In addition to their major, students will have access to an incredible internship program as well as research opportunities. 

While the University of Kentucky in Lexington features four separate farms, most students will spend their time at the Maine Chance Equine Campus. This campus houses a 100-acre facility complete with several barns, over 25 pastures, indoor and outdoor arenas, and the equine health research center.

The University of Kentucky offers several opportunities for competition including horse racing, saddle seat, eventing, IHSA hunt seat, Western rigid, and IDA dressage teams. 

If you want to know more about the University of Kentucky’s equine programs, click here.

10. St. Andrews University – St. Andrews Equestrian Center

Located in Laurinburg, North Carolina, St. Andrews University offers a diverse collection of equine studies opportunities. St. Andrews University offers both Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees in topics such as pre-veterinary studies, equine business management, therapeutic horsemanship, equine science, and therapeutic horsemanship business management. 

Students spend the majority of their time in the St. Andrews Equestrian Center. This beautiful facility occupies over 300-acres. Equestrians at St. Andrews University have the ability to compete on one of their many nationally-ranked equestrian teams. These teams include an IHSA hunt seat team, Wester team, IDA dressage team, and a hunter/jumper show team. 

You can visit St. Andrews University’s website here.

Choosing a Horse College That is Right for You

Choosing a college can be an intimidating decision. It is important to think about the area of the equine world in which you hope to use your degree! While it may be tempting to attend a school simply for their impressive accolades in competition, this may not be the best choice for your future career. 

Before you settle on the school you will attend, be sure to visit as many horse colleges as possible, asking questions and touring the facilities. This will provide you with great insight into the atmosphere of the school as well as their equestrian programs. It is also wise to consider whether you will board your horse at the school or if you will choose to lease a horse during your time away from home. 

With so many great horse colleges to choose from, there is sure to be a school just for you! If you’re interested in working with horses as a career, I have many articles geared towards helping you find your place in the horse world. To read more, check out the articles below!


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