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If you live in a colder climate or have intense winters, then you will likely want to invest in a good horse blanket. This horse blanket from Derby Originals (link to check price on Amazon) is rated for sub-zero temperatures, has adjustable straps so you can make sure it fits correctly, and is breathable enough to prevent sweating when used correctly.

In addition to a blanket, another good thing to have is a submergible water bucket heater to keep your horse’s drinking water from freezing over. Here’s my favorite one from Amazon.

Another great thing to have on hand is a horse fly mask to prevent flys from irritating your horse during the summer when flys come out in droves. This standard horse fly mask (link to Amazon) is my go-to option.

Every horse owner should have a good set of brushes to keep their horse nice and clean. This grooming kit from Amazon has everything that you’ll need to ensure your horse looks and feels great. It also comes with a hoof pick, which you’ll need to maintain your horse’s feet

If you own a horse, a reliable lead rope is another important piece of equipment. I’m a big fan of the Weaver Leather Poly Lead Ropes (link to price on Amazon.) These lead ropes are durable, comfortable to hold, and the metal pieces are all non-rust. They’re also very inexpensive which is a major plus.

Next, you’ll likely need a bucket to feed your horse special grain or medication from time to time. These 4-Quart Feed Pans (link to price on Amazon) are crack, freeze, and crushproof, and should last you a really long time. They’re perfect both feeding and watering a horse.

I recommend always having basic first aid supplies on hand. You never know when you’ll need to take care of small cuts and other wounds on your horse. This basic equine first aid kit (link to price on Amazon) has most of the basic items you’ll need for minor medical situations. As you own a horse for a longer period, you’ll slowly increase your first aid supplies.

You can check out all of my recommended products by going here.

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