Marrying a NON-EQUESTRIAN! (What You Need To Know)

I Married a Non-Equestrian


In 2017 I married the love of my life. The catch? He knew absolutely nothing about horses! Most equestrians dream of riding off into the sunset with a hunky cowboy, but I got a different kind of happily ever after. (I ride off into the sunset as my hubby takes pictures 😂)

Before you fret over trying to find a cowboy, here’s a list of the great things that come with marrying a non-equestrian:

Just Because He Knows Nothing About Horses Doesn’t Mean You’re Settling

First and foremost ladies, just because my man knew nothing about horses when we met doesn’t mean that I settled. In fact, I married up! I haven’t had to compromise my time with my horses or give up my lifestyle. My husband has embraced the equestrian lifestyle. He even agreed to have the horses in our wedding pictures!

About Equine Helper

You Secretly Feel Joy As You See Your Man and Your Horse Bonding

One of the things I enjoy the most is watching my non-equestrian husband bond with my POA gelding. It’s almost like that dad who never wanted the dog ending up being the one who loves the dog the most.

I know my husband likes the horse when people ask him what pets he has and he always says, “I have a dog and a horse,” rather than “we have a dog and my wife has a horse.

You Have a Horse Photographer for Life

Pros about marrying someone who prefers to stay on the ground rather than the back of a horse? You have a free horse photographer for life! Now you can capture all the horse pictures you’ve dreamed of getting.

In fact, my man has gotten pretty good at taking the horse photos. He knows how to whistle or wave his hand so the horse’s ears will perk up and how to recognize a grumpy or happy horse.

You Get to Teach Your Man How to Care for a Horse

Another great joy of being married to a non-equestrian is that you get to teach them all about horses! It’s fun to see my hubby function at a child-like level when being around horses. He picks out each brush from the brush bin to state its name and how it needs to be used on the horse 😂

I also have really proud moments when my hubby can halter my horse all by himself or lunge the horse in the round pen. It’s funny because I’ve never thought my 13.1 HH pony to be that intimidating, but that’s another story for my husband.

You Feel Pride When He’s Learned Something About Horses

There’s no better feeling than hearing your non-equestrian spouse say something that sounds like an equestrian. One time my husband and I were at the barn watching another rider work their horse. My husband suddenly looked up and said, “That horse is gaited;” which it was.

It made me so happy inside to realize that he was learning about horses! When someone cares for you, they’ll take an interest in what you’re interested in. I’m being surprised daily by the horse knowledge my husband has managed to accumulate.


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