Is Horseback Riding Fun?

Is Horseback Riding A Fun Activity? 

If you’re considering joining the world of horses, a common question to ask is whether or not horseback riding is even fun. As someone that’s spent countless hours working with and riding horses, I put together this guide to answer that question for you.

Is horseback riding fun? Horseback riding is incredibly fun when it is done safely with the correct protective gear and the necessary experience and knowledge of how to maintain control of your horse both in the saddle and on the ground. Horseback riding becomes even more fun as you learn more about your horse and the stronger your bond becomes with one another. 

If you’re still not certain whether or not you’ll find horseback riding to be a fun and enjoyable experience, here are the specific things that I find fun about it!

Reasons Horseback Riding Is Fun

Riding Is Fun Because Of The Bond You Have With Your Horse

First and foremost, horseback riding is fun because of the incredible bond that you form with your horse. I still remember my amazement when I first started riding at how I was communicating with such a large and beautiful creature.

Just like people, no two horses are the same. They all have their own unique quirks and personalities, that can be both endearing and frustrating at times.

But at the end of the day, I find it tons of fun learning new things about my horse, watching him experience new things, and bonding with him on a daily basis. 

Like any relationship, bonding with your horse takes time and commitment. You’ll form the strongest bond with your horse when you’re willing to give 100% to the relationship. For further reading on this subject, here’s my article on easy ways to bond with a horse.

People can become frustrated and unhappy about owning a horse when they go into the process with unrealistic expectations about the level of time and commitment required, and when they lack the proper experience and knowledge to overcome the common challenges that almost every rider will face at one point or another.

If you’d like to learn more about the responsibilities of owning a horse, my article here will give you a comprehensive overview of everything that it entails so that you’ll have a better idea of what you’re getting yourself into.

While it is a lot of work to own a horse, the benefits and enjoyment far outweigh the challenges!

Riding Horses Is Fun Because Of The Various Disciplines

If you’re new to the horse world, you might not realize that it’s filled with tons of different riding disciplines that you can pursue, each with their own unique thrills.

Some of the most commons disciplines include Dressage, Eventing, Hunt Seat, English Pleasure, and Saddle Seat. 

One of my favorite disciplines is eventing because it is one of the most versatile of riding disciplines. Eventing requires mastery of several other riding disciplines, meaning you’ll need to do plenty of varied training in order to win any competitions if you plan on competing.

I like to think of eventing as the CrossFit of the horse world because you’re constantly doing new things, which is a great way to keep both yourself and your horse from getting bored with a repetitive routine.

To learn more about the most popular English riding disciplines, I put together a guide for you here!

Horseback Riding Is Fun Because Of The Friends You Make

The next thing that makes horseback riding fun is the people that you meet along the way! Over the years I’ve made tons of connections just because I own a horse.

If you keep your horse at a busy boarding stable, there are constantly new boarders showing up. This makes it really easy to make new riding friends.

In general, horse owners are really passionate about owning and caring for their horses. This makes striking up conversations with them really easy because you already have a lot in common simply by owning a horse.

However, where there are people, you know you’ll find drama not far behind. Horse barns are known to have their fair share of drama (read more about it here,) but it’s easy to stay out of it if it.

All in all, horse people are friendly, easy to get along with, and can become some of the best friends that you’ll ever make. I still keep in touch with people I used to ride with that I haven’t seen in years! I’m convinced that friendships formed on horseback are more inclined to last than those formed on the ground.

Horseback Riding Is Fun Because It’s Challenging 

This might come down to your personality, but if you like a good challenge then you’ll find horseback riding to be lots of fun!

Horseback riding requires problem-solving, quick thinking, and determination. Good horseback riders and trainers must learn to think like their horse so that they can implement solutions that their horse will understand and respond to correctly.

While you learn a lot simply from owning a horse, horse owners need to be willing to do their homework when necessary to find the right solutions for whatever hurdle they might be facing with their horse.

Working on any specific area with your horse for a long time can become frustrating after a while, but it’s incredibly satisfying once you finally see the results that you’ve been working towards.

Once you’ve been working with horses for a while, it’s fun looking back at where you first started and realizing that the things you once found difficult are now second nature for you!

Riding Is Fun Because It’s An Adrenaline Rush 


If you think roller coasters are fun, try galloping a horse at full speed through a beautiful field or flying through the air over jumps! Horseback riding is an exhilarating activity if you want it to be.

When you first start out horseback riding, it’s normal to be somewhat nervous about jumping or galloping for the first time, but as you become more comfortable these might turn out to be some of your favorite activities on horseback.

For even more of a rush, competing in competitions takes everything to the next level with a full audience of spectators and judges watching as you ride.

As I mentioned, horseback riding is an exhilarating activity, but only if you want it to be. If you’re more interested in slow-paced pleasure rides, those can certainly be lots of fun as well. But if you’ve got a need for speed, riding horses is definitely a great sport to pursue.

Horseback Riding Is Fun Because It Teaches You Good Life Lessons

Last but not least, riding horses is tons of fun because of how much you learn not only about horses but also about life. Few hobbies are as demanding as owning and working with horses. Here are a few of the valuable things owning horses has taught me:


If you’re not patient when you buy a horse, you’ll need to learn quickly! Horses can very stubborn. As such, they often require repeated training before any negative behaviors are corrected.


At times, properly caring for your horse will require you to put aside your own desires and comfort. Staying 30 minutes late at the barn to fill up water buckets, muck out stalls, or take care of a medical issue are just a few of the things you have to get used to doing when you own a horse.

How To Work Well Under Pressure  

Horses are living and breathing creatures that possess their own free will. Because of this, unexpected things are bound to happen.

Whether it’s your horse spooking at something jumping out of the bushes, or simply refusing to follow your commands, working with horses teaches you how to think on your feet and quickly and calmly take care of unexpected situations.


Taking care of a horse costs money, and at times, a lot of it. You might not think that having a job is a part of your responsibility as a horse owner, but if you can’t pay to take care of them properly then you’re letting them down.

A big part of my motivation for working hard at work is so that I can give my horse the best life possible! And we all know that if you want to keep a job anywhere, you have to be responsible by showing up on time and doing things with excellence.

If you’re ready to start riding horses, then the first thing you should do is have lessons with an experienced instructor. To help you get ready, here’s my guide on everything you should know before your first horseback riding lesson!

Thanks for reading, and happy trails!

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Is Horseback Riding Fun to Do?


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