Horse Dreams: Top 10 Meanings & Symbolism

What Does it Mean if There’s a Horse in Your Dream?

Are you literally dreaming about horses? If you’ve had a strange dream that involved a horse or a recurring dream around horses, you are likely curious about what it could mean. 

What do dreams about horses mean? While interpreting dreams should be done lightheartedly, dreams with horses in them often reflect a power dynamic going on in the dreamer’s real life. Your subconscious can use the example of horses to illustrate what you’re experiencing when awake. In the biblical realm, horses often represent strength and freedom.

While many dreams can be complete nonsense, sometimes you may have a dream that sticks with you for a while. If you’re trying to dissect one of those dreams, I have compiled a list of what a horse in your dream may mean:

Dream Meaning of Riding a Horse

If you have a dream where you find yourself riding a horse, then you may be in a position of power. Horses can symbolize many things – they can represent power, freedom, passion, or even strife. If you are in the saddle in one of your dreams, it may symbolize that you may soon come into a position of power or you have recently come into a position of power.

When trying to determine what your dreams may mean, it is helpful to consider the feelings that you experience. If, in your dream, you are happy and excited while riding a horse and wake up feeling content, this is further evidence that you are feeling confident in your position in life and in your relationships. If you have a feeling of dread when you wake up from a dream of riding a horse, you may be experiencing anxiety over an upcoming promotion or relationship change. 

Dream Meaning of About to Fall Off a Horse

If you dream that you’re about to fall off a horse, it’s likely you have experienced an obstacle in life or are afraid you will be experiencing a setback soon. While dreaming about riding a horse can symbolize a feeling of confidence and power, dreaming about falling off a horse may symbolize your a sudden lack of control over your situation.

You may dream about falling off of a horse if you have recently lost your job, if you have had a sudden fracture in a close relationship, or if you have been rejected by a company or college of your choice. If you can relate to any of these, follow the old adage of getting back in the saddle – an obstacle is something that must be overcome, not something that must keep you down.

Dream Meaning of Not Having Any Control Over Your Horse

If you dream of not having any control over a horse, you may be feeling a lack of control in your life. This one may seem obvious, but it is worth meditating on, as many of us experience negative emotions over losing control at some point in our lives. Horses are strong, powerful animals. If, in your dreams, you are unable to control your horse, this may relate to the fact that controlling your life seems futile.

If this is a dream you are having, it is important to take a look at your life and where you feel you are losing control. Almost everyone will struggle in this area from time to time, but it is important for our overall health and well-being to learn to accept that which we cannot control.

Dream Meaning of a Horse Charging at You

When a horse charges at you in a dream, it can mean that you’re about to face a change. While a charging horse, in reality, is terrifying, many theorize that a dream about a horse running right toward you may indicate an upcoming change. While the dream may leave you with your heart pounding, it isn’t necessarily a cause for concern. Some changes are negative, but many are positive.

Change is a part of life and a necessary one at that. How will you react to the change that is heading your way? Will you jump in the saddle and take it in stride? Will you jump out of the way and let a great opportunity pass you by? Or will you allow it to trample you – leaving a mess in its wake? Change is scary but inevitable; learning to ride the waves will benefit you.

Dream Meaning of a Horse Attacking You

If a horse is attacking you in a dream, you may be feeling frustrated or repressed. Because horses can symbolize power and freedom, dreaming about an unhappy horse may indicate that you are feeling tied down or powerless. In what areas of your life are you feeling frustrated? Perhaps you have been denied a promotion, or you do not have the finances to pursue a particular passion.

Maybe you are feeling controlled by someone close to you, or maybe you are feeling overwhelmed by the demands of life. If a horse is attacking or biting you in a dream, it would be wise to reflect on your life and examine whether there are areas in which you feel oppressed, held back, or smothered. 

Dream Meaning of Wild Horses

If you have a dream with wild horses in it, you may be dreaming about freedom. The question is whether you are feeling free and joyful or whether you are lacking the feeling of freedom. How do you feel in, or after, your dream about wild horses? Do you wake up feeling sorrow or frustration? If so, you may be envious of the wild horses, able to run free and wild when you are feeling stifled.

Do you wake up from your dream feeling content and joyful? If so, you may be feeling the effects of recently being freed from something – maybe you’ve just landed a new job or are on the cusp of a big move. 

Dream Meaning of Dead Horses

If you have a dream with dead horses in it, something in your life or circumstances may be coming to a close. While the image may be gruesome, dead horses may symbolize new beginnings. If you’ve had a recent conflict or have struggled to make a big decision, dreaming about a dead animal may indicate that your period of uncertainty or conflict is coming to an end.

This can certainly be a positive sign – there are seasons in life, and the end of one season welcomes the beginning of another. On the other hand, if you are dreaming about decapitated horses, you may have recently watched The Godfather. Watch a happier movie before bed next time.

Dream Meaning of White Horses

If you have a dream about a white horse, you may be feeling a sense of peace or victory. Whether you are reading the Bible or watching a Disney movie, white horses symbolize beauty, strength, and righteousness. Biblically, white horses symbolize purity and victory; in the book of Revelation, John sees Jesus and an army of heavenly hosts riding in on white horses. The color of the horse is important, as it symbolizes victory over a battle that has yet to even begin. 

If you are dreaming of white horses, you may be dreaming of peace over your current situation, victory over a problem with which you have been struggling, or strength over a literal or theoretical enemy.

Dream Meaning of Black Horses

If you find yourself dreaming about a black horse, you may be about to be overtaken. Black horses can historically be associated with a previously unknown person or force climbing the ranks to come into power. You may be experiencing a threat of losing your promotion to a co-worker, losing a contest or competition, or of losing your place in your relationships.

Dreaming of a black horse can be frightening, especially when you know what it can symbolize, but keep in mind that dreams can be a manifestation of your own worries and are not necessarily prophetic in nature. If you are dreaming of black horses, reflect upon your own insecurities and address them.

Dream Meaning of Red Horses

If you’re dreaming of a red horse, you may be in conflict with a loved one. Biblically, red horses symbolize strife, war, and conflict. If you’ve had an argument with your spouse or you’ve been struggling in your relationship with your teenager, you may dream about red horses. If you can relate to this, consider your own worries and anger, and figure out a way to make peace with your loved one. No problem can’t be overcome, and a little grace in your relationships can go a long way.

For thousands of years, horses helped to shape the world humans now enjoy. Horses fought alongside men in battle, and they worked next to them in the fields. To learn about the most common Medieval war horse breeds, visit my article Top 10 Medieval War Horse Breeds: History, Size, & Pictures.

Dreams Are Not A Science

Dreams are funny things – they can be a compilation of random things we’ve experienced in the last couple of days, or they can be powerfully prophetic. When deciding whether your dream is truly meaningful or rather meaningless, you will need to consider the context. Reflect on what has been going on in your life, what stressors you are experiencing, and what worries have you up at night.

If you find the meanings of some of these dreams adding to your worries, don’t put too much stock in them – personally, most of my dreams are quite random, and trying to determine a hidden meaning in them would be pretty futile. Nevertheless, it’s fun to look into what our dreams can mean, and if nothing else can provide a few things for us to reflect upon when trying to discern between them.


If you’re interested in more of the biblical context of horses and what they can mean, visit my article Horses in the Bible: Top Bible Verses About Horses.

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