Top apps for horse riding

Top Phone Apps For Equestrians

Apple offers over 3.89 million apps in its App Store, and Google offers over 3.48 million in its Play Store. There really is an app for everything, including equestrians.

What are some of the best equestrian apps? Here are the best equestrian apps I’ve found, in no particular order.

  1. Equilab
  2. Ridely
  3. Horse Riding Tracker
  4. HorseStrides
  5. Rideable
  6. Equi-Pole
  7. Dressage Hero
  8. Happie Horse – Management
  9. Equisense Inside
  10. Equestrian Masterclass
  11. Trailforks

Keep reading to learn about the particular strengths of each app, and which one (or more) might work best for you!

1: Equilab

Equilab is one of the most versatile equestrian apps on this list and is used by both the beginning rider as well as the Olympic-level equestrian. The most widely-used feature of the Equilab app is its ride tracking – it gathers data such as distance, speed, gait, turns, elevation, and more from each ride in the arena or out on the trail.

It also enables you to add contacts to your monitoring so that if you’re riding alone, your friend or relative will be notified if your movement stops and exactly where you are when that happens.

In addition to the tracking it offers, Equilab also includes the ability to organize data among different horses and allows you to coordinate with trainers, vets, and other riders through shared calendars and custom groups.

You can watch a YouTube video I made about my experience with this app, though it may have new features now!

2: Ridely

Ridely offers many of the same benefits as Equilab, including ride tracking and the sharing of that information with your contacts so you can protect yourself even while riding alone.

In addition to these features, Ridely provides access to its library of over 450 videos with content ranging from lessons in dressage, western disciplines, and even grooming.

The Ridely app also offers AI-powered “Ridi” which designs customized training sessions for you and your horse based on your input and history.

3: Horse Riding Tracker

If you’re looking for a simplified application that tracks your rides without additional training videos and care management features, the (aptly named) Horse Riding Tracker is a solid download option.

This app tracks your distance, speed, pace, and laps so that you can analyze the data and even play back your mapped riding session for later review. 

4: HorseStrides

HorseStrides is one of three apps on this list that was designed by famed horsewoman and author Elaine Heney (the other two being Rideable and Dressage Hero – information on these two apps can be found below).

HorseStrides offers an array of unique flatwork and pole work exercises in addition to both music and meditations designed specifically for equestrians that can be enjoyed while in the saddle. Currently, HorseStrides is available only on the Apple store, though in the future it may become available for Android as well. 

5: Rideable Horse Riding Tracker

In its app summary, Rideable includes the 2016 Censuswide Study quote, “Tracking your metrics makes you 2x more likely to reach your goals.”

This is the truth that Rideable desires to make available to its users through features that include documenting your daily riding sessions with notes and added data, a library full of groundwork and riding lesson ideas, riding printable checklists, online classes, and even daily motivational messages to encourage you in your progress. 

6: Equi-Pole

Equi-Pole: The Polework App is the perfect application for anyone wanting to add fresh ideas to their pole work specifically. The app is beginner-friendly but also strives to provide plenty of content for both experienced riders and professional trainers.

Equi-Pole offers three separate difficulty levels from which you can select your layout, from beginner to advanced. Within those levels are three different layouts for you and your horse to work through. The Equi-Pole app is full of different exercises (over 80 of them, in fact) to provide a range of activities to incorporate into both your riding and your groundwork routines.

If you’re like me and your “creative brain” takes a vacation now and then, check out Equi-Pole for fresh ideas to bring to the arena.

7: Dressage Hero

While the majority of these apps offer features that can be used by equestrians of all disciplines, Dressage Hero is designed specifically for those learning and competing in the sport of dressage (as made evident by the name).

The Dressage Hero app includes a library full of dressage arena “tests,” games, and challenges in which to engage with your horse in both video and audio versions.

The app also strives to teach confidence in cantering, which can be an obstacle for many beginning and intermediate riders. Dressage Hero is ideal for riders of all levels as well as instructors looking for fresh lesson content. 

8: Happie Horse – Management

Many equestrians take advantage of the Happie app for its health and stable management features. The Happie app allows you to conveniently track your upcoming vet and farrier appointments, medications, immunizations, and more.

You’ll be reminded of upcoming appointments and can share this information with your horse’s care professionals. In addition to these scheduling and management features, the app also provides access to over 200 riding exercises in a variety of disciplines and a training journal where you can log your progress. 

9: Equisense Inside

The Equisense Inside app is designed to be used with a Motion One equine sensor. These sensors are found in Motion One’s tack and saddle attachments and monitor your horse’s gaits, jumps, transitions, and stride frequency and regularity – these metrics strive to help you recognize areas for improvement and track progress accurately.

These sensors also measure the symmetry of your horse which alerts you to anomalies that can be indicative of problems such as injury or potential lameness. Don’t yet want to purchase the sensors? You can download the app and still take advantage of the GPS tracking and training programs.

10: Equestrian Masterclass

Equestrian Masterclass offers a vast library of information on riding, training, grooming, horse care, and horse behavior and psychology.

Included in the app are over 150 lessons that can be streamed or cast to any compatible device, taught by experts around the globe – their website states “We empower equestrians by making the best trainers and teachers in the sport accessible to everyone”. Equestrian Masterclass was designed by Noelle Floyd, a leading voice in dressage, jumping, eventing, and more. 

11: Trailforks

Trailforks is the only app on our list that is not designed specifically for equestrians. Rather, Trailforks is an app that provides information on our country’s beautiful trails that apply to equestrians, hikers, runners, cyclists, dirt bikers, and even skiers.

Trailforks is a great app for trail riders to download as it provides up-to-date information on everything from trail closures to weather conditions.

It also specifies which equestrian benefits are available on each trail (and even which sections of the trail) – in which areas equestrians are allowed, whether there are any equestrian amenities such as stables, available water sources, whether horse camping is available, etc. I would recommend an app like Trailforks to any rider who enjoys taking their horse(s) for trail rides. 

Why Even Use An Equestrian App?

With so many apps on the market, there are bound to be at least a few that would benefit you in some way. There are apps with training videos for equestrians who would like to grow in specific skills.

There are apps that can organize appointments and maintenance needs for busy equestrians who have a horse with high needs or who manage a barn with multiple horses. There are apps that offer a wealth of plans and courses for trainers who are looking to add some fresh content to their lessons.

And, perhaps the most impressive to me, there are apps that track your rides and location and allow you to share data with contacts so that you can ride alone more comfortably and safely. No matter your needs (or wants), there is an app to benefit just about any and every equestrian.

Taking Advantage of Equestrian Technology

Horseback riding is as traditional a sport as they come, yet nothing stays the same forever. Technological advances like apps bring with them a unique compilation of accessible knowledge and personalized applications.

While not everyone appreciates the introduction of smart devices into the sport of horseback riding, there is no arguing that apps like the ones listed above have the ability to improve not only riding progress but also safety, which is really a priceless benefit. Whatever your discipline, learning style, riding goals, or management needs, there’s an app for that, and I’m here for it!

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